Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Chapter

First, I'm fine and appreciate all the kindness, love, and prayers. I write this from my bed with another beautiful view of the river at the Medical Center as Sweet Wife quietly reads and watches my every move.

Last evening, Little Bit asked if I'd take her to bed. I did. Just before we turned in for the night I began to experience pain in my right arm and shoulders. The pain extended across my chest and into my jaw. It hurt. I tried to sleep. Little Bit offered to rub my shoulders. After a few minutes a instinctive bell rang in my otherwise hard noggin. I rose and asked my wife to please jump on the net and research my pain. Ten minutes later she called 911. The rest is history.

It came as a complete shock to me. I'm not what you'd picture as a candidate for a heart attack, being an active six foot one man, not overweight at two hundred and twelve pounds (now) and careful of my diet....for the most part. Seems I had a bad blood clot that moved to my heart and cut the blood flow to one artery. Just goes to show, you never know when the old man with the black cloak and sickle will come and rap at your door. Heed the pain. The staff here said quick action saved my life. You have ninety minutes from start to finish.

Two stents later, two hours prior to my birthday, and my problem, for all intent and purposes, was over. Well, at least for the most part, according to the nice doctors and nurses, I've a few minor adjustments to make in my otherwise normal life. I feel better. Quick action and very practiced paramedics and surgeons saved my life. I'm now in ICU. I hope to be released tomorrow....God willing. He has saved my life again.

Guess the Good Lord isn't finished with me.

I awoke with hundreds of email, texts, with well wishes from all over this wonderful country and Europe. Once again, thank you all so very means the world to me. You've touched my heart.

This chapter is closed.

God bless you.