Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thanks & Welcome

I am honored to welcome my new follower and long time friend, Patrice Lewis, of Rural Revolution. Not many know she is, for all intent and purposes, my blog mother. It was Patrice that 'picked up' and linked one of my very first posted efforts. As a normally quiet and fairly private man I was more than a bit uncomfortable with the exposure of my life in written form. Patrice gave me invaluable advice and guidance. Her gentle spirit and heart of gold gave me the boost I badly needed to write.

If, for some odd reason, you have yet to visit her wonderful blog, one of the best in my humble opinion, please do so today. Her advice and guidance will take you a long way to an independent, self-sufficient lifestyle.  Patrice, her gifted husband, Don, and their two daughters live the life of which she writes. They're a well grounded Christian family.

Patrice is also the author of The Simplicity Primer. It's a great read. The book can be found at Patrice's blog.

Again, thank you and welcome, my dear Patrice. You are now among friends.