Friday, January 18, 2013


Want to know what really ticks me off....when in between customers I walk back to my office to pull a cup of coffee and find the pot empty. That, isn't good.


The windows of the shop shake from the gusty winds we have today. It's also pleasantly cool. Sunny, but brisk. Nice change of pace.

Tomorrow I shall close my business and burn gun powder and hammer a few nails and sit and chat with my friends. Our group will assemble at our bug out location and finish work on our firearms range.

My good friends, Senior and Duke will attend along with the rest of our friends. We're a bunch of misfits, all veterans, that enjoy a day of fellowship and all things firearms related. I will pack along one of my AR's and have Duke clean the gas port and I'm sure Senior will put a fine shine on my boots. Since I'm the oldest 'old fart' in the group the boys take good care of my needs, as befits my status.

I'll write an after action report. Standby.


Sunday morning, after church services, Sweet Wife will abandon me. She has plans to drive north and visit her elderly mother. I said she should just call her. She told me to mind my business and be a good boy. She called me, boy.

I informed her since I'll be alone Sunday night I'm hitting the town with bad intentions. She gave me, the look.

Guess I'll read.



Welcome Aboard

I'd like to extend a warm thank you and welcome to two new followers. The first is Muddy Valley of The Good Life.

The second new follower is my new friend, Six. Six is a co-writer of the blog, The Warrior Class.

I promise each of you, if you leave a comment, I shall respond. To my other long time friends, please, drop by and say hello.

Again, thank you and welcome. You are now among friends.