Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tickled Pink

It has arrived.

Me, all happy and stuff.


I Need

I need to write, something.

Business is good but leaves little time for the blog. Many, I'm sure, have noticed my lack of comments on your blogs. Trust me, I haven't forgotten you.

After work this evening I must gather, sort, and pack my gear for the group weekend, after a quick market trip for a very large custom cut T-bone steak. The steak should ride in marinade for two nights and when I arrive at camp it shall be gently kissed by oak coals. Let the rest eat burgers...

Selections have been made for the range. At present I've selected two rifles and two handguns but these numbers might change according to my whims. I hope, hope, hope my order of .32-20 arrives from Midway before Saturday morning. Much depends upon it. I checked and haven't a single round in my stores. I'm a slacker.

The weathercritter has guessed rain for Saturday night. Fine with me as long as it holds until we kill the fire and hit our sacks. Rain on a tin roof pleases me.

If, I spot a deer I shall have a breakfast of venison loin. Deer range over the fields after darkness gives them the false sense of security. I have a nice bright flashlight. I know, I'm a bad boy. Get over it.

Sorry, gotta run.

This is me writing, something.