Monday, November 5, 2012

Just Stuff

Yesterday I mentioned Sweet Wife had an agenda. Sure enough she arrives home from church, grabs me by the ear and said, "Get in the car, you're taking me to St. Augustine." I firmly plant my feet and said, "Not gonna happen."

An hour later I'm sitting on a bench as she selects a locally made piece of jewelry. At least I was able to watch all the strange creatures move along the street. One little girl, a cute little booger, walked over and gave me a purple flower. She wore fairy wings. I guessed her age at about four. She placed the flower in my hand, took a couple of steps, turned and said, "I like flowers." Shucks.

She made my day.

Above, the view from my street side vantage. Since our last visit to St. Augustine parking fees have increased five dollars. Ten bucks to park and walk. What a scam.

We had lunch, nothing special, then walked and walked and walked. I have a slight limp, no big deal, but after a few miles it becomes very pronounced. Then, my ankle aches, a bit. I use this as a means of an excuse to sit and have coffee at my favorite bakery, The Bunnery.

They make the best almond croissant in Florida.

Later, in the car just before she fell asleep she reaches over and takes my hand and said, "You're the best bodyguard in the world."

She's a peach.


Hey, I'm now the proud Papa of a bunch of baby bananas.


My current restoration project progresses nicely. When I rebuild a stove I tear it down and repair the original parts. I'm not one of these buy a cheap piece of Chinese made replacement parts kinda guy. I even order the leather for my pumps from Turkey. I tear down each and every component.


This is the fuel/air valve from my Sears/Coleman stove. Nice, huh. Should have seen this little sucker prior to last evening. This valve is the one located at the top of the tank. When I removed it (not easy) the bottom stem was grayish black and coated with flecks of scale. It had been submerged in old fuel, I suspect, for at least forty years. I dismantled and worked on this little piece until the wee hours of the morning.

I know - big deal. But, isn't she pretty....


Tomorrow, I shall stand and wait in the rain to cast my vote. I shall stand in the wind and rain unarmed, and cast my vote. I will stand in the wind and rain and cool temperatures, unarmed, for hours to cast my vote. Tomorrow morning at zero-dark thirty I shall stand in the wind and rain while unarmed to cast my vote, and I will be in one hell of a foul mood.

Fair warning. If you are a black panther, and you get in my way...God bless you.


Early this morning I received word my father was admitted to a local hospital. Sometime last night he'd suffered a heart attack. He's well into his eighties. We've since spoken and he seems in good spirits. He asked if I'd please help him escape. They won't allow him his shotgun.  I was born of good stock.

My father is an old Florida Cracker. They're a tough breed and if you take away their firearms and horses you might as well take their souls too.

I'm proud of him.