Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kinda Funny

Just for the fun of it. George isn't a bad writer either...


To Help Kill The Long Hours of Winter

For the five or six readers that frequent this blog which have been bitten by the reading bug and have a great desire to scratch the itch, go here

When you arrive, glance left and hit chapter one. This is Craig Cavanaugh's writing blog. 

Give it a try and enjoy.


Bless Her

I'm a man. I fought and bleed for my country. I'm a member of the gun culture. I've been called a 'hard man' by many. I seldom if ever tolerate unmanly behavior in other men.

But this, my friends, was hard for me to watch because, I've had, far in the past, the same thoughts that - well, watch and you'll understand.


The Blog Of The Week

I've had this idea bounce around my noggin for a few days now; why not spot-light one blog a week. Not just any blog, but one I feel doesn't receive the recognition it deserves.

I read a tremendous number of blogs daily. So much so I find myself screening out those that do not update on a regular basis. With this in mind I feel it's important that I bring to your attention those blogs, not only well written, but kept fresh, with lively stories, ideas, and with a personal touch. Give me something of your life, and for pete's sake, not one dimensional.

Cut and paste isn't original. One post a month and you've lost me. Fail to reply to my comments and you've hurt my feelings; I may indeed return but the enthusiasm to join in your subject or debate has been nullified.

My friend and fellow grandfather,  Flier389 qualifies. His blog, Granddad's Corner, is witty and intelligently written. Once in a while his lovely wife, Kathi, will post a recipe, which is close to my heart.

Please, run by and say hello and tell them Stephen sent you.

My friend deserves an audience.

Expect this 'Blog of the Week' to become a regular post and hey, let me know if you like this idea of mine, and if you feel there is a blog out there of which I'm unaware - let me know. I've a headache this morning and need some cheerful responses.