Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Morning

And my coffee is hot and I feel fine. Been kinda busy around here for the last two days. We accomplished, a bit. At least progress has been made on many fronts.


I can't decide if I'll visit the gun show this weekend. The thought of it beckons, thing is I just can't afford to waste money. Sure, I can dig into my savings but I'd have nightmares for a week if I spent one lousy dollar. Repeat after me - a need and a want.

It is truly amazing I haven't shot someone this week. Late yesterday I had a long hard drive in city traffic.  I drove as a thunderstorm pounded the city senseless. Round trip, the drive took me forty-five minutes one way. Remember, city traffic.

I didn't keep count but I swear I must have been cut off at least ten times. Close encounters. Chrome scrapers. Liberals with cell phones stuck to their little bitty ears. Obama bumper stickers.

I'm a man of discipline, but I swear my patience wears thin....

My lovely friend, DFW, is on her way to San Francisco. Yesterday, I think, she asked readers for tips, advice, for those places the average tourist would never visit. I didn't comment and it's bugged me. So, my dear, try City Lights Bookstore. Its still in business, to my surprise.

One of my all time favorite bars was the old Albatross Saloon. They tagged a bar stool in my honor. Spent many an hour in the joint nursing one of their martinis, three olives. Once upon a time, if memory serves me, Jack Dempsey was employed as a bouncer. Like I said, it was many years ago. I lived across the Bay and drove over every weekend. My little one room apartment was a lonely place.


The door bells rings. Guess I should walk out and become a capitalist. I'll see you nice folks later.