Monday, March 11, 2013

I Like

The television show, Pawn Stars.

I mean, they deal in firearms, gold and silver, and books. Often, during the show, the camera gives a view of a showcase filled with Navajo Silver jewelry - another of my likes which I've collected since the early 70's. 

What's not to like...


Time to Lock and Load

I believe I've had two separate shipments of precious metals stolen in transit. Each dealers website tracking numbers indicate delivery status.

I'm pissed.

Before I begin to raise hell with the United States Postal Service I shall kick back with a cup of coffee and wait until today's mail arrives. My mailman (screw political correctness) is a nice fella, and I'll not give him grief, but his boss should hide.

Perhaps there is a lag between when 'delivery' is posted and the actual physical drop off of the package, but when one shipment is marked delivered on the eight and my calender reflects the eleventh, I get suspicious, especially when I was here the ninth.

Did I say I was pissed....well, I am.


I have a new friend and follower. Thanks and welcome to Matthew Forte. Matthew, I promise to always reply to your comments, so always check back. It sometimes takes me a few hours or days but rest assured I shall answer.

Again, thank you and welcome. You are now among friends.


Now, please excuse me while I clean my piece. For those of you not familiar with gun culture terminology, never mind.