Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Christmas Weekend, By Little Bit

Sorry I haven't posted in a few hours but we've had a busy weekend. Good news too, Sweet Wife and I closed early last evening on our refinance. Now, we can enjoy our Christmas.

Little Bit was able to join us yesterday and last evening. She just left with Dad and Mom for a birthday party and just before she walked out the door gave me instructions for this post. She also told me, in no uncertain words, which pictures to use and what she wanted me to say to you from her. I said, yes dear...I always follow instructions.

(From Little Bit)
I told Nana and Papa it was time to decorate their home for Christmas and I made them take me with them to the Christmas tree farm for a real live tree, the kind that smells real good. When we arrived I ran all over the place under this huge white tent and inspected each tree. Papa really tired to keep up with me (her words verbatim) but he's too old and can't run as fast as me. (She then said something like, huh Papa. Smart Alic.)

I finally found the best tree. Then Papa said no 'cause it was too big so I let Papa pick the tree after I approved of his choice. (Note, the photo is dim as it was dark under the tent.)

Then Papa and Nana took me to an early dinner. I was hungry, and guess what, Papa found a drink (soda) he really liked...he enjoyed it so much he drank two. (Thanks for the tip, Kitchen Witch.) Here's a picture of it.

Then we went home to Papa and Nana's house and I showed them how to decorate the trees after Papa climbed into the attic and I helped him (she really did help) remove all of our big boxes of Christmas stuff. I know better than them how the ornaments should be placed on the tree. Nana puts up two trees. She puts a plastic (her word) one in the piano room (her description of the living room), and the real tree (Frasure Fir) in the family room....Nana's weird. (me)

Here are the ornaments I hung. Papa and Nana have so many of them we can't hang them all 'cause the tree isn't big enough. (it's seven feet, and she's correct.) Some of their stuff is really old. (a few, 1930's and a few handmade by my mother prior to her death) Me, I'll show you a couple here in a minute.

Like this one. Now, I'm just gonna slap up a few pictures. Little Bit didn't give further instructions. Besides, I just can't remember all of them.

Living room tree by Little Bit and Nana.

Fireplace in living room, we have two and they insist on decorating both, by Nana and Little Bit.

Piano by Little Bit, yes, all by herself. Nana did adjust some minor details.

Another of my old ornaments.

It was a very long day. We began mid-day and didn't finish phase one (hear my screams) until well after dark. We did have fun. Little Bit smiled all day. Please forgive my awful photography.

Dark when this was taken, it isn't finished but you get the idea. This is the Fir in our family room, the bright lights are the older bubble lights and yes, they work.

Little Bit left me with one more thing to say - she loves you.