Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weedend Update

It's been a long weary weekend. The weekend, for the most part, was fun. We did care for both of our grandchildren. If you really want a workout, follow a 18 month old little boy around the house and yard.

The last twenty-four hours has brought a shock to our lives. I cannot at this time give details. If, and it's a big 'if' the news we received last evening is correct, then our (Sweet Wife and myself) lives will change dramatically. The news is both sad and wonderful. Neither of us has gotten a peaceful hour of sleep since 'the phone call.' To say we're shocked would be an understatement.  Either way we should know by the end of the week and then I'll reveal details to you. Please keep us in your daily prayers, we'll need it.

Now, about the Subaru. After I closed my business this past Saturday I drove home and gathered the two girls in my life and we took a ride to 'see' the car. The moment I stepped onto the car lot I said, 'No.'

The car was a complete misrepresentation. The dealer had gone online and taken a stock photograph of an older Subaru in mint condition and used it as his ad placement. The car on the lot, although in fairly sound mechanical condition, was a wreck. Weathered and rotten to the core. Needless to say I walked away as a very pissed off man. Even Little Bit said, "Papa, don't hurt him."

After we left the dealership Sweet Wife turned to me and said, "I thought you were gonna burst a blood vessel..." Guess I was kinda ticked off. My car lust has chilled considerably.

That afternoon we went and shopped for a swim suit for Little Bit. She'd begged for a new one for days, so away we went...hours later, foot sore and weary, she chose one. But only after fifteen trips to the change room. She is such a girl.

Later, back home, she went for a swim.

Notice any difference. An adjustment has been made to her hair.

Above, the morning after her new haircut. She'd just awakened. She begged her Nana for the cut. I think it's a great improvement.

After our failed trip to the car dealership we took Little Bit's saved coins and cashed them in for fiat currency and went to my friends coin shop and swapped the worthless notes for real money, silver. Little Bit carefully shopped for just the right silver coin and ingot for her future. Here are the results.

She'd saved enough loose change to purchase two ounces of silver. I asked why these two pieces and she said, "Because, Papa, they're pretty."  Worked for me.

Oh, one last picture. This is a before shot taken prior to her hair adjustment.

One last note. After I post this I will answer all your wonderful comments. To those that left advice for the Subaru I owe you all one big happy 'thank you.' You came through for me and I do appreciate all the kind and wonderful advice. I took notes and those little nuggets of wisdom were tucked away in my pocket when I went to check out the car. You are all such nice people. God bless you.


Thanks & Welcome

After a weekend away it was nice to return and find I have gained a new friend and follower. My new friends name is Craig. Thank you and welcome. I promise to always answer your comments. Please, kick back and let's have a cup of coffee.

Life sure is interesting, don't you agree....

Again, thanks, Craig, you are now among friends.