Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Sorry I haven't as yet answered all the nice comments left here over the last two days. I shall do so as soon as possible. We had a series of storms hit us last night. My internet connection has be intermittent and this combined with a heavy work day - well, you get the point.

I haven't much to write about today. Life is the same. The Pimp came in yesterday and was unusually quiet. I didn't encourage him either....too many other customers. After a few minutes he mumbled and walked out. Fine with me.

If any of you are interested in a good deal on ammunition, hoof it over to SOG. Unless you have an FFL forget the weapons. My flier arrived yesterday and the ammo prices caught my eye. A case of 800 rounds of 7.62 x25 for $138.00. You must prove your age by sending a copy of your drivers license, again, unless you've a FFL on file with them, no rifles or handguns, which is a shame, but you can purchase the ammo. Check it out.

Two hours into this simple post....

I must gather my bundle of tax papers and drive over to my accountants office and drop them off so he can make a few dollars...after I've done most of the work. Oh, well. This task must be completed some time today. Then begins the worry. I always pay the government. Then, they hand my funds to some democritter so it has the means of funding its crack habit...

Trust me - a great storm is on this nation's horizon and its gonna be a whopper.


 Take care.