Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Facts; Zimmerman

This is best post I've yet found on the Zimmerman case. Please, read.

H/T Craig


A Little Bit Sunday

It's been a long day. Last evening I opened my mouth and stuck my foot firmly inside with a promise to Little Bit; a trip to the zoo and a local park. This morning, a few minutes after she had finished her breakfast, she said, "Let's go, Papa."

Our local zoo is world class, hence, parking is dear and the park attendance overflows. It only took us five attempts, and two hours, to catch a ride on the zoo train. Careful what you promise little girls.

The one exhibit she really wanted to see, above all others, was the butterfly gardens. I must admit, it was nice. She asked for my phone before we entered and took dozens of pictures. Here are a couple she selected for your enjoyment. Oh, before I forget, she told me to remind you she really took these pictures..."Tell 'em I really did it on my own, Papa." She's checking over my shoulder....

Little Bit, as she waits for her train ride. The river beyond.

 Here she is as tour guide...notice her map. Her finger points the way. We just followed.

After the zoo we stopped at our local market. Again, Little Bit always takes the lead. She checks the expiration dates on the milk.

I'll skip the park session. By then I was worn out, foot sore and ready for a long nap. Didn't happen, still I'm happy she had a nice day. It's her last night of Spring break and tomorrow begins another session of school. I think she's ready.

Tonight, she'll be curled safety in my arms.