Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thanks & Welcome

To Mamma Bear for hitting my follow button overnight. As always I promise to reply to all your comments as soon as possible. To my other friends if you haven't as yet read Mamma Bear's blog please run over and say hello from yours truly.

I know she's good people because she lives in North Florida....


A Day With Little Bit

(Note: written as directed by Little Bit)

Nana went to the hair lady and so I asked if I could stay with my Papa...she pauses...Nana said yes and I had fun at Papa's place. I like to stay with Papa 'cause he lets me do what I want.

Papa let me play games on his computer

Papa is a good leg rest.

Tell them I won, Papa. She won.

I don't want to smile because I lost my two front upper teeth.

At the pumpkin patch. I just can't pick the perfect pumpkin.

Tell them I love my Nana, Papa...she love's her Nana. See, I do follow orders.

We had a nice day. Then I gots to spend the night, again, with Papa and Nana.

(I'm back. I know to some this is silly but like I've said so many times, this is for her. Sometimes I forget that little fact and she'll remind me.)

Have a peaceful and quiet Sunday.


Calvin and Hobbes

I miss them...