Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Day With Little Bit

(Note: written as directed by Little Bit)

Nana went to the hair lady and so I asked if I could stay with my Papa...she pauses...Nana said yes and I had fun at Papa's place. I like to stay with Papa 'cause he lets me do what I want.

Papa let me play games on his computer

Papa is a good leg rest.

Tell them I won, Papa. She won.

I don't want to smile because I lost my two front upper teeth.

At the pumpkin patch. I just can't pick the perfect pumpkin.

Tell them I love my Nana, Papa...she love's her Nana. See, I do follow orders.

We had a nice day. Then I gots to spend the night, again, with Papa and Nana.

(I'm back. I know to some this is silly but like I've said so many times, this is for her. Sometimes I forget that little fact and she'll remind me.)

Have a peaceful and quiet Sunday.



  1. Very well done. She is the spark in your and the Mrs. lives.

  2. Rob, thank you and yes she is indeed.

  3. oh Papa....i needed THIS right now! i really needed this. she is so precious and beautiful...and i just really needed some of this. thank you kind sir!

    your friend always,

  4. I'm glad you had a great time with "Little Bit"

    Being a newbie here I have had an opportunity to read a little of your pasts posts... it's so nice to see the love and caring you have for her.

    I lost my both my grandfathers before I had the opportunity to appreciate them for what they did and how much they loved me.

    Thanks for sharing on your blog.. someday when shes older she can go back and read this :)

  5. Nice and sweet, just like Little Bit. I get that.

  6. Such a good kid.

    Hopes she grows up to be like you.

  7. kymber, you are welcome and thank you for all your kind comments.

    PISSED, thank you, kind sir. She is my reason...and welcome back.

    A Kitchen Witch, thank you, nice to 'see' you again. You are always welcome here among friends.

    Rev. Paul, thank you. You would get. I see how much you care and love yours.

    Mudbug, thank you. I hope she grows to become a far better person than her Papa.

  8. +1 what kymber said.

  9. Tell her not to worry about her front teeth they do grow back and she'll be prettier than ever!

  10. Denise, we've told her several times...she still refuses to smile. Ever now and then she'll forget and I'll sneak one out of her. Thanks for the nice comments.

  11. She's precious! Tell her we all think her story was great! Papa has taught her well. Little Bit is so lucky to have Nana and Papa. Love her picking out her own pumpkin from the patch, good memory to never forget. Tell her we think she is pretty. The teeth are something we all go thru, and she is pretty anyway, with or without them! Stephen, thanks for writing this story has she directed!

  12. kingturkeyoak, thank you very much for the kind comment...I'll let her know.

  13. Glad to see you two having fun, we weren't able to take the kids to visit their maternal grandmother do to her having shingles. But they had fun at church and out and about this weekend.

  14. Odysseus, thank you...good to hear you guys had fun. I understand shingles are awful and extremely painful. Sorry and hope she feels better soon.
    We had fun too. Hated to take her home but she was happy to see her little brother. Took her to school this morning and she was cheerful, read me a book. Have a good day.

  15. She is precious. What a good papa you are! have a great day ....