Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today I have an escape plan in mind. I'm sure I'll tick off a few people, my doctor, nurse, and Sweet Wife, but I've had it with house arrest. The day nurse just left, so the rest of my day is free. My poor truck has been ignored long enough and I hear her pleas; come drive me. I shall.

I need to run by my shop and check on the stack of mail I'm sure is waste deep by now. I want to write and post a notice for my customers, if I've any left to read it, and perhaps gather a few files for that awful time when I begin my tax preparations.

I'd also like to sneak over to our local Publix and find a nice chunk of beef. I have a hankering for fajitas. All that beautiful salsa I made is a perfect addition for fajitas...

At least this is my plan. My condition might change my mind once I'm behind the wheel. I'll take it easy. What's that old saying, 'the best laid plans.'

I miss my Little Bit. Haven't seen her since last Friday, or was it Saturday. My days are a blur. Hopefully I can convince my son to allow her to spend this Friday night with us. I miss her something awful. Sweet Wife has taken my duties and drives her to school each morning. I'm jealous.

Rain is in the forecast. Should make for a great nap period when I return from my adventures into the real world. Keep your fingers crossed for me.