Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Now I ask, what is not to like with this dish. Picture from Deep South Dish, listed on my sidebar.

Fresh asparagus spears, wrapped in bacon & cooked in a spicy brown sugar butter sauce.

Free Ammo

A few days ago a nice guy walks in and hands me a fifty round box of new nine mil ammo, he asked, "want this?" Said, "sure, how much?"
"Free," he replied.
Now I'm telling you folks, if hadn't thought I'd lose my dude membership I'd have given him a kiss right on his ugly hairy lips.
Ammo is precious.


Bits and Pieces

It’s really busy here at work today with Father’s Day this weekend. So, I thought I’d write a few bits and pieces in between work.
We have forty (according to the news reports) wild fires in our surrounding area. The smoke is so thick I could not see across the river this morning. Last night when I stepped outside my home ash was falling like snow, very strange.  The afternoon thunderstorms help, when we get them – they start new fires.
On the morning ride to work I had NPR on the radio. Yes, I listen to the idiots, so sue me. Anyway they were doing one of their ‘organic farm’ stories. Most of the dialog was, as they say, going in one ear and out the other, when the interviewer said, “This would be a great place to hunker down during the apocalypse.” Darn near chocked on my coffee. Now I’m telling ‘ya folks, if NPR is airing such statements what chance do you give the ‘great one’ of re-election.
It takes me the better part of the morning, and sometimes all afternoon, to read my daily blog list. Granted a few I just give a glace, but for the most part I read all new entries. Over the last few weeks I’ve added some new finds.  Isn’t it interesting how they become old friends rather quickly. I plan to write a post sometime soon and list a few that have become addictive to me. My blog roll is a work under construction. Please, take a look and give them a try.
I need an injection of ‘geek.’  Perhaps I should hire a pretty young thing to come in and give me lessons on computer ‘stuff.’ I’m sure Sweet Wife wouldn’t mind a bit. I’ll ask her. I’d be sure and hire one with granny glasses and a lisp.
If your city or town newspaper is in as sad a condition as ours, I feel for you. I’ve been an avid reader all my life and the morning (and in the old days, afternoon) newspaper figured high on my list. Remember the days when the morning paper could be heard landing on the lawn from inside your home. Now, ours flutters not unlike it’s be gifted with butterfly wings.
On the radio just now I hear Rush and friends have now released their own brand of bottled tea. What’s next, a Rush Limbaugh endorsement of tampons; let’s plug the hole of mediocrity.
Hey, gotta run. Please take care out there and be aware of your surroundings.