Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random Books

I mentioned in a post I've cleaned my office in an attempt to remove clutter. In the process I unearthed a pile of books. A few minutes ago I said to myself, "Boy, you need to remove this pile to a better location." Yeah, right.

Here are a few of the titles that sit around my desk, just the ones I can reach...I know, eclectic doesn't begin to describe my taste.

A Random Walk Down Wallstreet, Burton G. Malkiel - bet the loonies up there would love this one.

Freakonomics, Levitt and Dubner - ditto.

Galatoire's, Biography of a Bistro, Marda Burton and Kenneth Holditch - so sue me.

Libertarianism in One Lesson, David Bergland - a gift.

Jesus Out to Sea, James Lee Burke - read it, it's good.

(I will not list the gunny books, if I did this would be a six page post)

Trophy Hunt, C. J. Box - Okay read...but light.

The Forgotten Soldier, Sajer - darn fine read but depressing as hell.

John Adams, David McCullough - big hit a few years back and a good read.

Slouching Toward Nirvana, new poems, Charles Bukowski - again, sue me, I've always been a fan of Bukowski. He was real. If you haven't read him, well, it's an acquired taste.

Saving Freedom, Jim Demint - a gift and as of now unread. Give me time.

Dead Six, Larry Correia and Mike Kupari - new and my next read.

Age of Darkness, edited by Christian Dunn - go figure.

A Feast of Crows, George R. R. Martin - it's been here a while.

Out of the Ashes, William W. Johnstone - The first of his 'Ashes' series. If you read this series, and its not bad, limit it to the first three or four and forget about it.

Fire In the Ashes, see above.

Holy Bible - do I really need to explain this one. If so, get a life.

A Land Remembered, Patrick D. Smith - Florida stuff.

A Storm of Swords, George R. R. Martin - not a big fan, but his writing is excellent.

The Ultimate Hitchhiikers Guide to The Galaxy, Douglas Adams - I understand this book has a few fans.

Modern World Gold Coins, standard catalog of - One can never be too careful.

Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand - my copy is a first printing dated 1957 and is about worn out. If you haven't at least tried to read this book - well my friend, I'm sorry, but when you awaken in the morning please check outside and see how many moons you're able to count...

Foreign Enemies and traitors, Matthew Bracken - a very good book written by a very nice man. He lives just a few miles south of me...give it a try.

Appetite For Life, Noel Riley Fitch, The biography of Julia Child - Hey, I like to cook and she was the master.

Enough, like I said these are but a few that clutter my desk.

What have you in your private little room?


Bits & Pieces

Chester Raccoon has ridden with us these last few mornings. Chester is Little Bit's new friend. A few weeks back I'd ordered her the series of books in which Chester and his mother serve as the main characters. She reads me one every day on our ride to school. Chester's a cool dude.

Anyway, when we reached the half-way mark of our ride, along the marshes of the river, Little Bit looks up from her book just in time to see a flock of Canada geese wing south as an even larger flock of seven or eight Herons fly north. It was beautiful, the contrast....she said, "Oh, Papa, look, an illustration from my books."

Never underestimate the intelligence of a child.

If you get a moment and have the time, click here: Penn Jillette gets it. - Imgur. This link was sent to me by my beautiful niece, Hannah. She's a bright and extremely conservative young woman. And, as you can tell she takes after me....thanks, Hannah, and now it's blush time...are your ready....I love you.

I'm sorry for the light posts of late, aside from the fact I've been preoccupied with other matters in my life, my computers mouse is giving me fits....about ready to sling it against the wall. Rusty, my computer geek, said I need to purchase a new one. I reminded him its almost brand new...said, "They don't last forever."

It's less than six months old. Guess they just don't make them like they used to, you know, back a year or so ago.

My office is all nice and clean again. Makes me feel like a new man....I can turn and not get whacked in the knee, twist an ankle, stumble over a box. Anyone want a batch of used brass....I found four sacks and a one pound coffee can full. I have brass up to my ears.

Hey, gotta awaits, and I need to jerk another cup of coffee. Take care.