Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just Shoot Me

My mother-in-law just arrived, unannounced.

Which is bad enough but she has my sister-in-law in tow.

Shoot me now.

(In truth they're nice people, but don't tell anyone I said as such.)


Pardon Me

Please, if I've failed to express my appreciation or to say thank you and welcome to any follower, past or present, I'm truly sorry.

It was not intentional. If you will leave a comment with your name and/or blog I shall properly thank and welcome you.

I've noticed, on occasion, a new number will post but without an avatar or name. If this happens to you, please bring it to my attention. I will never intentionally ignore a new follower.


I Said It Was Addictive

Here's my next project. She's an old Sears, Roebuck and Company model 427. She was of course manufactured by Coleman.

This model is in Olive. Not sure why but Sears requested several color combinations. I've a blue and black model standing by on a shelf.

Above, as you can see the lower case is filled with rust. This is after I washed her down and cleaned out the old spider webs and roach eggs. She once belonged to my deceased father-in-law, and as you might well imagine, Sweet Wife has an emotional attachment to this piece.

Thought I'd give you a before picture. Notice the tank at the rear.

I'm almost finished with my current restoration. After I complete the gas tank and fire it I'll post a picture...just to make sure I bore you good folks to death.