Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pardon Me

Please, if I've failed to express my appreciation or to say thank you and welcome to any follower, past or present, I'm truly sorry.

It was not intentional. If you will leave a comment with your name and/or blog I shall properly thank and welcome you.

I've noticed, on occasion, a new number will post but without an avatar or name. If this happens to you, please bring it to my attention. I will never intentionally ignore a new follower.



  1. Stephen, I've noticed that when someone without a picture or avatar follows my blog, their place on the list appears as the most recent "silhouette", at the bottom of the list. That may be what happened to your new person.

    1. I never think to look back and check...besides, I can never keep track of the names. I feel awful when someone drops off and it's because I haven't thanked nor welcomed them...if that is the case. Thanks, my friend.

  2. Unfortunately, though I've got a number of wonderful ones, a lot of the "followers" in blogger are SPAM. I've a number of them that led to porn sites or other content I'd not want my readers or certainly my friends seeing, or those who never read my blog, ever, or commented, just found me through a big hyper link and followed to get links to their money making websites. That you have time to really check them out before introducing us to them as trusted friends is much appreciated.

  3. I'm lucky in this regard. Like you mentioned I've checked each follower and can honestly say there is zero spam. Thank you and you're welcome, Dear Sweet Brigid.