Monday, February 10, 2014

Boogie Men

Had an email from a nice reader, Robert. He asked if I'd ever read Adrian's Undead Diary. I replied yes, I'm a fan. I do believe towards the end of the story it took a hard right and jumped the shark. Still it's worth your time.

Anyhow Robert informed me the Diary is now available in print and Kindle. It can also be read online.

If you are interested, click here.

I really liked the first three or four sections of the book. You decide.

Just thought you should know.

Really, its a good story.



Just my luck. I give the old truck a good bath and she's all shiny and ready to rumble. I walk from the garage this morning to find her coated in a light shade of lime - pollen. Pine pollen. I almost whipped out my piece in order to put a round thru her headlight - they shoot horses, don't they.

It is indeed spring here in the deep south. When the pine trees spit green stuff winter is but a distant memory. I just came inside from a walk around the shop. The air is fresh and the sun shines bright and it's warm. One nice advantage of living on a peninsula stuck between to great bodies of water is our air is scrubbed clean by winds either east or west. Of course those very same winds spread this ugly green catkin sputum everywhere. The pollen gives flavor to your coffee.

Each sip leaves an aftertaste of pine.

My poor truck....