Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bits & Pieces

It will be a hot day in the River City. With the rain we've received the last three days, humid too. Our temps are expected to be well into the nineties. I miss Winter.

I've fallen in love my Para P-12. Yesterday I hit the internet and ordered two extra ten round magazines. After a good bath my little girl sparkles. She's fairly easy to field strip. Those folks in the frozen north of Canada are indeed some fine engineers. Every few months I like to switch out my carry piece. Boredom, I suppose.

Early next week we have an appointment with our new, yes new, attorney. I shall place a bundle of cash upon her desk and hope for the best. We are optimistic. The state gave our son's wife, Little Bit's step-mother, a drug test. The state is very tight with information and will only say they found evidence of drug abuse, pain medication. Further explained we should have our attorney contact them and the state will 'help' in our case.

I've tried, as is evident in my post, not to write of my pain over the fact I haven't seen my Heart in over four weeks. All communication with my son has been severed, on his end, which leaves me in the dark as to her condition and mindset. I'm completely unaware if she is being mistreated or the condition of her health. Sweet Wife was able to speak and see her for a few moments at Little Bit's school. She said Little Bit had lost weight and appeared scared and confused.

Trust me when I state it takes all my will power not to drive over to my son's home and not kick down the door. Surely God must have a plan....

I miss her.

(Little Bit, if you read these words in the near future, please understand I love and miss you and am doing all possible to return your life back to normal. Please forgive us.)

Our new attorney is an expert in the field of child visitation and custody. I'm told she is quite the Barracuda in court too. She'd better be, she's darn sure expensive.

Oh, before I forget. Our family attorney was the man that put the bug in my ear concerning Grandparents Visitation. Five seconds into my conversation with our new lawyer, she said, "Sir, I hate to break the news to you but the state of Florida ruled, in 1998, that Grandparent Visitation Rights were unconstitutional."

I fired our attorney and have asked him to return my retainer. Haven't heard a word back from him. Sigh....


Ah, coffee. Last night we had another hard thunderstorm.  At midnight I witnessed it from my front porch. Beautiful light display.

Ernest Hemingway once wrote he'd seen every sunrise in his life. When I first read those words they gave me pause. It's taken me five decades to truly understand, and I don't drink....

At 0300 I flipped on my short wave and listened to the world. Here, in Florida, the airwaves are cluttered with Cuban and Mexican programming. If one is careful and fine tunes it is possible, with good skip and luck, to tune in European broadcast signals. It keeps a person's mind busy, and I find it peaceful, too.

Yesterday, when the afternoon business slowed, I came back to the office and hit Netflix and pulled up all the Jesse Stone made for television movies. I like Tom Selleck. He's a gunny. Are you aware he owns and lives on a working avocado farm....or at least that's what I'm told.  Anyway, I enjoy his handgun and rifle techniques on the show. What I really enjoy is Jeff Beal's music. It's haunting.

Great waste of a couple of hours. Give it a try.

Other than this series I find mainstream networks a waste of time.

I need to cook. Thoughts of seafood flutter about my thoughts. Maybe dirty rice, or perhaps a big mess of Cajun Pilaf. Not sure, but I bet it happens soon.

I've also promised Little Bit's mother I'd make her my world famous Sausage Garvey and Biscuits, next Sunday morning. (I need to give Little Bit's mother a name for blog purposes. Any thoughts?)

Even thought Little Bit's mother is one of those North Carolina Yankees and I'm sure my spicy concoction will render her helpless for hours she might just enjoy the flavors. We'll see.

Hey, I need to get to work.



Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Seems to surround me this morning.

It's nothing personal. Just a side affect of dealing with the public.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coffee Time

I feel this urge to make yet another pot of coffee.

There is something wrong with me.
h/t To this nice lady.


I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.  ~T.S. Eliot

Guess What Walked In Today

He needed the cash and I wanted his Para .45. Simple, and a bargain to boot.

So, I made a personal purchase; I like paperless deals. She's a little Para P-12 .45, nothing special. She'll make a good little carry piece. Gives me an excuse to buy another holster - as if I need another.

I'm telling 'ya folks - people out there are hurting. I paid less than half book for this little girl. Felt sorry for the guy. But, business is business.

She will not become a safe queen. If you'll excuse me she needs a bath....



It is my strong belief and opinion everyone should have a roll or two of paracord in their preps.

This, is a good deal.

If you ask why I bet you, like many I know, eat bean sprouts, walk poodles for recreation and have been know to vote democrat and date metrosexuals.


For lotta joy

My new friend lotta joy left a comment with questions and concerns about our current experience with this tropical storm, and yes, we still have rains and wind today. The storm has made a very slow turn to the north, which gives us the bands of rain. So far we've had six plus inches.

lotta joy and her husband are new to the state of Florida. She and her husband are old hands when it comes to snow and ice, but hurricanes and tropical storms are a different breed of beast and require different preparations.

Let's make this simple - read this book.

Crisis Preparedness Handbook by Jack A. Spigarelli, and try and find the updated second edition. Amazon has ample stocks. The book is concise and simple to read and will prepare you for any emergency, either natural or man-made.

I do not believe in prepping for only one kind of emergency. It's a waste of time and energy. Prep for all that this old world will throw your way; if you need examples just ask the survivors of the Warsaw ghetto and victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Everyone wants a list. Fine, here are but a few items I have and keep in stock at my home. This list isn't from a book. I was born and raised in the state of Florida and have dealt with many hurricanes and storms. This list is from experience and I strongly urge you to pay heed.

You need:

Books - of course. An education is priceless, and hey, when you're bored you'll have reading material.

Radios - the power will leave you in the dark. Notice I didn't write, might. The power will say bye-bye. Get a couple or three. I believe and preach a 'back-up to a back-up to a back-up.' We refer to this as the rule of three. I have shortwave and crack (dynamo) radios. I own several of each.

Raingear - duh. You will make trips outside into the rain. Find good quality raingear. I purchased mine at Lowe's. I'm sure Home Depot has good raingear in stock.

Hurricane lamps (kerosene) - again, back to power outages. You'll want several of different sizes. Remember, the lamps burn fuel. I keep five gallons, in a blue container, stored in my garage.

Matches - or lighters. I prefer the 'strike anywhere' matches and have at least two cases stored. Again, this is one of those, duh items. It's hard to light a lamp wick or stove without fire.

Flashlights and fresh batteries - Again, several. Fresh batteries work better than dead batteries. I also have a nice supply of rechargeable with a charging station. A good headlight is worth its weight in gold when you're out in the dark rain with a tarp or chainsaw in hand.

Tarps - You will need a large tarp and a few small ones. Buy a tarp big enough to cover any hole in the roof of your home. Think, huge. Then, purchase some rope and cut six foot sections and attach these sections to the grommets on the tarps with knots tied in the loose end of the rope. This will help you either attach sash weighs or other heavy objects to the tarp. If you have a nearby handy tree, like the one that just made the hole in your roof, tie off to its limbs. Rain in your living room isn't good for libraries.

Generator - if you have the funds I highly recommend you have the generator hard wired to your house. Our generator has saved our bacon more times than I can count. It will give you (depending on its wattage) power to at least seven circuits. You will have power to keep your refrigerator and/or freezer cold, lights, ceiling and portable fans and a small window air conditioner. We've used ours for periods of two weeks or will still be a challenge but at least, if you have satellite service for your television, you'll be able to catch the news reports and stayed informed as to the movement of the hurricane and its offspring, tornadoes.

Food - another duh. Keep a years supply of stored food. If I need to explain this...never mind.

Stored Water - not those silly little bottles, which are nice, but many gallons. Treat the water with bleach. The aforementioned book has this information. I have three blue barrels (blue is food grade) filled and treated. You will need a pump for the barrels. This gives me one hundred and sixty-five gallons of fresh water if needed. Remember, city and town water pumps need power. When the power fails gravity takes over so you should have water for a couple of days unless the water supply becomes contaminated. Store water, period.

Portable stoves - see Food above. I have a gas range so I just strike a match when the power goes, poof. If you have a gas grill try and keep at least two extra propane tanks. A good old fashioned Coleman stove will serve in a pinch. Hit Ebay and try and find a good quality alcohol stove too. Military grade if possible. Rule of three, remember. 

Firearms - Critters, moon fleas, democritters, and other scum of the earth always take advantage of the weak during power outages. I've had neighbors leave their generators, powered and attached to their panels, out and unprotected during the night. Guess what happened to those generators and other equipment in their garages. Home invasions take place on a nightly basis. Just a word to the wise.

Chainsaw - or two if possible. Think high wind. When winds reach hurricane levels (seventy-four) trees not only bend, they fall. Been there, done that. Take my word, a working chainsaw will save your bacon. Mine, at present is broken. It will be repaired or I will replace it.

Enough, I've covered the basics. Please, read the book. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.

Good luck.


Thanks & Welcome

To my new friend and follower, Mohave Rat. My new friend I promise to always answer your comments.

To my other followers and friends, please take a moment and scurry your fuzzy rearends over and visit our new friend's blog, mohaveratstwocentsworth, I believe you'll find it very interesting.

Again, thank you and welcome to my humble blog. You are now among friends.


Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memoriam


We're Still Here

And so is the storm. My Internet connection just came back online after an all night outage. We currently  have sustained winds of thirty-five miles per hour. Last night the weather service reported gust upwards of seventy with one unconfirmed burst of eighty-six.

With the morning light I see our yard is a mess. The rain is heavy and steady. I have no idea how much we've received. All the weather service reports are cumulations at our local airport and they are never the same we receive here in the city. I'll guess two to three inches.

Our power flickered all night but never, thank the Good Lord, went out. I still kept a couple of our hurricane lamps lit against the chance of such an occurrence.

We're very lucky, others not so much. Trees are down on cars and homes. It's sad. Many thousands of homes are without power. Now we face the backside of this tropical storm and we have a long day ahead of us.

One saving grace has been my little 'wind up' Eton radio. If you don't have one I'd highly recommend you purchase at least two. They're inexpensive and very nice to have when the power is out.

I've been awake all night and I feel the lack of sleep creeping into my sore body. I paced all night, took flashlight trips out into the rain several times. Every bump and wind burst had me up and out on the check for downed limbs, the condition of our roof, and my truck. The truck survived, so far, without a scratch. My morning paper even arrived dry.

I'd like to thank all of you, my kind friends, for your words of encouragement and support.

Time for my sixth or seventh pot of coffee. Hopefully I'll sleep sometime today.

Until later, and forgive my lack of edit on this post. I'm just too darn tired to care.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Storm Upgrade

It is in situations like this, a tropical storm, when you truly find out if you are indeed ready for emergencies. For the most part, we are ready.

I just filled another five gallon container of gas from our reserves for use in our generator. I keep our reserve gasoline in a fifty five gallon barrel in our backyard. (don't tell tell our fire marshal, please) I keep this drum on four columns of concrete blocks with the rear of the drum slightly raised. It has brass fittings for hinge and cover and spigot. The gasoline is treated and I do rotate it between our vehicles.

My generator fires on the first pull. It too is ready for service. We have ample stocks of food. Kerosene hurricane lamps and flashlights with fresh batteries.

I understand the storm has been upgraded and the weather service now predicts wind gust to seventy miles an hour. My main concern are our trees. We have  a LOT of trees. As a matter of fact I'm worried about my truck. It's too big to park alongside our car in the garage unless I move a ton of other equipment and small items out into the rain. If I leave it parked on our street it will sit under two huge pines - not good. If I park on our driveway it will be beneath a large very old Live Oak. No win.

Our street runs downhill towards the river. I can see the river from my front yard. In a few hours water will be as that river on our street, fast and deep. The crabs will move up the streams of water into our yard. The herons and egrets will follow. My neighbors dock will be under water. My other neighbors home which sits on a point of the cove will probably have their living room flooded.   

We are in the path. We will have a direct hit. I hope its nothing more than a bad thunderstorm. I, of course, only wish it a light storm as this will last for several days as it hits, stalls, and then makes a hard northern turn and then back to sea, where, it shall then gain strength and head north towards my lovely friend kymber's home.

Now, I must confess I've been caught with my pants down when it comes to my chainsaws. I own three and all are broke. I just haven't had time this year to have them repaired or replaced. If a tree is pushed over under these hard winds I'm in for a world of pain. I hate, using the word hate here, to ask for help. I have friends willing and able to jump in and help when I need them - but it just kills my soul to ask. I will purchase a new chainsaw as soon as possible. Which will be next week, after the storm.



Rainy Day

A tropical storm is about to move over our area and provide us with the perfect day of books, coffee, and rest.

I went outside a few minutes ago and cleared away any item I thought might get jerked around by sustained forty-five mile an hour winds with possible gust of sixty miles an hour.

We expect a direct hit. Hope my trees hold under the pressure.

Should be fun.


Saturday, May 26, 2012


This morning I arrived at work early, too early, but then I'm poor and do silly things like open before sunrise. Fifteen minutes later the phone rings and it's Sweet Wife on the other end. I said, "What's up?"

"Come home."

"Why?" A long pause on the other end of the line, then, "Because."

I don't take orders. She repeated her, "Because."  This, isn't good. I tried again, "Honey," (Sweet talk don't 'ya know) Why, pray tell, do you want me to come home?"

She lets out with a long sigh, "Because - we need to drive down to St. Augustine. You, my dear husband, need clothes."

Just kill me now.

I closed the shop. What the heck, I needed a weekend off. After a couple of hours we arrived at the local Gander Mountain. Hey, if I must shop for clothes it will be in a man's world. Period.

Inside Sweet Wife takes me by the hand and leads me to the men's footwear department. She selects a pair of boots for me. She's like that, she decides and I say yes and place the items in the cart. No if, ands, and buts about it, she selects the articles - I just pay for them. She did grant me permission to select the brand I normally wear. I mentioned how kind it was of her. She smiled.

Then it's time for sandals. I insist on the most masculine pair I can find. She smiled and said, "Fine."

Then, socks. Six new pair. I only wear Merino Wool...she approved. See, I get my way when I put forth effort. But, she's like that too. She lets me win a few.

She takes the cart and heads further into the store. I allowed as how I was taking control and needed to check out the firearms department. She gave me ten minutes with further instructions to meet her in the men's clothing department. I said, "Yes, dear." I showed her who was boss.

They had 'purty' guns, too. Even had ammo boxes on sale, for twelve bucks. She said to put them back. Explained how the dirt on the boxes might mess up her/my new trousers and shirts.

Then, I noticed three pair of boy shorts in the cart....shorts. You know, those pants they've taken and whacked off just below the knees. The things metro-sexuals tend to wear around town. Three pair. I did notice they were 5.11's. Had 'tactical' stitched on the rear....tactical for Pete's sake....olive drab, navy blue, and khaki 5.11 shorts. Who knew, and she had them in the cart.
She had also chosen, with my permission, two  5.11 shirts. One even had the brand printed on the front, black no less. She said I'd like them. She's sly she is, she tells me what I'll like and what color I should wear. Said it makes me look, manly.

I grunted. Tim Allen has nothing on me...

The monkey cart now held, one pair of boots, sandals, three pair of shorts tactical boy things, six pair of socks, two shirts. She then shoved me towards the trousers. Sweet Wife said one of my favorite set of pants had a hole worn where my spare magazine clipped onto my belt. Tacky, she said. You need new ones. She's like that too, tells me when I should purchase new trousers.

At least she allowed me to stick with the 5.11's. Waste size 36. I insisted I knew my own waist size. She argued. Said you've lost weight and you should drop down one size to a 34. I said no...she took them from my hand and replaced them. Women, they just don't know when to give in to a man's superior intellect. I showed her. (Later, at home, the size 34 did indeed fit.)

Asked, please, may I have that nice black piece of 5.11 luggage. It was a cool bag. Thought, what would it hurt to ask...she said, "No."
So I showed her and replaced the silly green 5.11 belt she'd thrown in the cart to wear with my cool tactical new boy scout shorts. Thin darn thing wouldn't even hold up under the weight of my Glock if you'd begged it. Stupid nylon junk.

Later, while I placed all of Sweet Wife's items before the check out boy, the belt magically appeared and I paid fifteen bucks for it.  She's sneaky as all get out. I gave her the eye. Then told her I'd never wear the darn baby girlie-boy belt.

She just smiled.

Then said, "Sure you will, next month on my birthday we're driving down to Cedar Key for a long weekend. It's your gift to me."

We'll see.


5.11 hasn't paid me one single nickel for my wonderful endorsement of their products. If they choose to do so, please email and I'll send you my mailing address. I'm poor and will accept any payoff or bribe you offer. I prefer gold or silver bullion. Thank you.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Is the study and collection of stock and bond certificates. It has been a half-hobby of mine since 1973 when I first entered the world of investments when the New York Stock Exchange was still an American company. This was back in the days of brokers and long distance screams of terror when my novice investments didn't quite pan out.

I've always had a great interest in the history of Wall Street, and as a result while browsing among the dust and cobwebs of an old building one day, I came across a box filled with canceled stock certificates. Beautiful pieces of history, art really, with dates back to the early and mid depression years. I asked the owner of the box his asking price. He replied, "Take them. They ain't worth spit." He was wrong.

Take a look.

Yesterday one of my customers came in and gave me an envelope and without so much as a word turned and walked out. I thought, 'now that's weird.' I opened it and inside I found this:

My friend had given me one of the last certificates issued by the old Winn-Dixie food store. A few months after its issue date the company went out of business and later reopened under new ownership. This is a twenty-six share certificate. 

I now understood why he didn't speak. He was a Winn-Dixie executive prior to their bankruptcy. He'd lost his life savings during the crash of a once proud Southern company.

See, a piece of art stamped and colored by history.

Like I said, I don't actively seek out stock and bond certificates these days, but then again, I never pass over a piece when I stumble across a find.

Fun hobby. I frame mine and display them in my office.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I've tried several times this morning to write a half decent post. A post not related to my current problems. I can't do it. My mind is blank. I have subject matter, ideas, but I just can't get the words to flow. I hate to post filler. Sure, there are a few Youtube videos I could post - but why. News, current events are easily accessible to the general public so for me to bring your attention to such is redundant, silly even, and I shall not take that direction.

Which leaves me with this ramble. I need peace to write. I have two long works stashed away for the day I can sit and give the subject matter my full attention; seems a waste.

This morning my feet hit the deck at 0400. I walked aimlessly about the house. I argued with myself, not sure which took the upper hand.

 I need to take a long walk. Until then it's time for a cup of coffee.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thanks & Welcome

My dear Julie, I didn't forget about you this morning....just scatterbrained today. Thank you and welcome to my humble blog. I promise to always answer your comments. Really I do. It might take me a few hours, or days, but I shall answer.

My friends, Julie has a nice blog by the name of Jigsaw Thoughts. Please, drive over and have a cup of tea or coffee with her.

She's one us - she likes guns. She's also from Down Under, nice Australian lass.

Again, Julie, thanks and welcome. You are now among friends.


Bits & Pieces

Allow me first to say I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday and I haven't as yet had a chance to answer all your nice comments. To say I've been busy would be an understatement.

Things did not go as well as we expected yesterday. As a matter of fact it was an old fashioned 'cluster f*&k.'  I will not explain all the gory details. I'll just touch the highlights. Little Bit's father panicked after the school's principle called him (thinking he was helping the situation) and told our son of our morning appointment. Our son borrowed funds and hired an attorney and sued Little Bit's mother for an injunction, barring her from removing Little Bit from the school's campus. He thought she (the birth mother) had plans to take her out of state. This wasn't her plan. He wasn't aware BM had moved here permanently. 

Little Bit's mother was met at the school by a process server. The injunction barred her from taking Little Bit off campus for a visit. In the meantime Little Bit's father kept her from school and fled. We do not know the whereabouts of our grandchild. The state is actively in pursuit. The principle of the school wasn't aware she wasn't in attendance. He held his head in shame.

Needless to say I have an appointment with our attorney this morning and will fight this legal battle in the name of Little Bit's mother.

I fought another battle with myself last evening. I wasn't sure if I should or should not share the details of this incident, then I remembered this is a journal, of sorts,  for Little Bit. I'd even written an email to kymber, my sweet friend, and told her I was not planning to write publicly about this mess. I truly hope one day Little Bit forgives the pain she has had to endure from the awful actions of her parents. We, as grandparents, suffer for and with her.

I sincerely apologize that you, my dear friends, must read these awful details.

On a brighter note I've just received word Sweet Wife has called the school and Little Bit is in attendance and my wife and Little Bit's mother will have lunch with Little Bit today. It will be the first time she has seen her mother in over four years. Wish I could be there for the happy occasion.

Again, thank you all so much for the blessings and prayers you have sent our way.


Thanks & Welcome

To my two new friends and followers, Suerte and Scott McCray. To each of you, thanks and welcome for following this, my humble blog. I promise to always answer all comments.

Both Suerte and Scott have blogs, so please, take a few minutes and run over and say hello. Just click the links above and let's all jerk a cup of coffee and chat.

Again, my new friends, thank you and welcome. You are now among friends.


Monday, May 21, 2012


We leave in thirty minutes for Little Bit's school. Very busy here but I did want to acknowledge my three new followers...I will thank each of you properly as soon as I can catch my breath.

Today will be a very long day.

One way or the other she  comes home with her mother today. I can't wait.

Thank you all, very much, for you prayers. God bless you.


Sunday, May 20, 2012


Arrived home late last night. More later.

Little Bit's mother is here.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Thanks & Welcome

To my new friend and follower, tffnguy. My friend I promise to always answer your comments. Kick back and let's have a cup of coffee and chat awhile.

To my other friends, please run by our new friends blog, Terlingua or Bust and take a look at the nice cabin his has under construction out on the plains of Texas.

Again, thanks and welcome. You are now among friends.


A Watch for That Day

I have this thing about watches. I must have at least a dozen or so tucked safely away in my dresser but I only wear one or two different pieces during any given month. For the last few years it's been my stainless steel automatic Seiko. Its a fine watch but I grew bored with it.

Over the years I've used and worn out several different Timex Expeditions. A cheap watch by today's standards, less than sixty dollars on-line or at your local Wal-Mart, if they carry them. Many places don't stock wrist watches since so many young people use their cellphones time feature.

Anyhow,  I like the Indiglo Alarm model.  The only drawback to the Timex Expeditions are their need of a battery. I bet when the dark man arrives on his black horse there will be a lot of dead watches attached to  zombie arms.

As you know I've been a bit bored of late. So yesterday, or was it last week, don't remember, I jumped online and went to the Timex website and ordered another Expedition. The one pictured above, and immediately went out and had a new five year battery installed. Just in case. (I've since been informed it is possible to find ten year lithium batteries.) 

This morning I zipped over to AR15.COM to read the forums and came across this very subject, watches. The topic of discussion was which timepiece was best for those left after the world bites the dust. One fella mentioned he liked the Seiko Military watch. Guess what, now I have another itch to scratch.

Did a wee bit of research on the watch and I like it. It too is automatic but lacks the alarm and light feature I find very handy especially when I camp. But hey, it'll run when those batteries wear out. I like the green although it comes in several different colors.

Now there might come a day when it'll be necessary for you to grab the old sextant and cut the sun for noon in order to get your timepiece back on time, but that will be the least of your worries when the poop hits the fan.

At least you'll be on time.


Bits & Pieces

Isn't sleep medication wonderful. I really burned a few z's last night. I've had my morning ration of coffee and I'm ready to kick butt.

This afternoon will be busy. I need to shop for a few items in anticipation of our long drive tomorrow. Water for sure. Can't decide between one of my AR's or the Critter Getter for onboard zombie defense. The Critter Getter, as a fold-up weapon, makes a smaller package so I'm leaning in its direction. Of course I keep two get home bags in the wife's car. Gotta kick the tires and light the fires. Tomorrow will be a long day.

I'd like to bring to your attention to one of my long time blog reads. I'm not certain when I began to read Ben's blog but it's been a while for sure. He's a good 'ole boy with a simple down to earth style of writing. He makes me smile. Amble on over and say hello for me.

Remember, Texans are people too.

For those of you that haven't as yet discovered my friend Sixbears and want to know how to convert a diesel to utilize waste cooking oil, or how to sail a boat beyond the horizons of your life, swing your tiller in his direction. He's a fine man. A retired fire fighter and book lover and I'm proud to call him my friend.

He won't bite, really.

I'm telling 'ya, it's quiet here. Thank the Good Lord for books. I'll read, set the book aside and walk outside the shop and search for lost pennies. I save them for Little Bit's silver jar. Told you about that a few days ago. Anyhow, then its back inside and back to the book. I've tried real hard of late to read all your blogs, and made an attempt to leave comments.

I'm bored out of my mind. I do need a vacation. Always wanted to take a vacation. I hear of others speak of vacations. I think I took one back around 1983, or so. When someone tells you to go into business for yourself - don't listen to them. Yes, self-employment gives you some independence and you will be your own boss, and yes it's a wonderful way to have control over your life but take it from me - you will work. You will have the biggest butthole for a boss as you've ever met - yourself. You will be married to your business. Then again, I believe self-employment will be the saving grace of many in this country when you consider the current events of this world.

Vacations are for slackers.

Well that was a nice break in my morning best friend, Duke, just dropped by for a cup of coffee and a chat. We talked for nearly an hour. He always makes me smile. If by some weird chance you haven't read his blog, please click and visit. He's a nice man with a huge heart.

Hey, gotta run.

Take care out there, until later.


Thursday, May 17, 2012


Gray Day

I hear thunder. Our weather is overcast, gray. I like thunderstorms; it's odd how they gentle my mind.

I've just built another pot of coffee and am giving due consideration to a granola bar I've stashed for just this occasion.

Business is slow which doesn't help my awful depression.  I can't allow my thoughts to turn inwards. I need to stay busy. Black thoughts would lead to trouble and will not help with the situation. I know this, yet, it takes all my willpower and self-control to just wait, and wait, and wait.

At one point, this morning, my keys were in hand. At the last second I called Sweet Wife. She said, no. I obeyed.

I read a few chapters in my current book, rise and throw it down and pace. Its words hold little value for me. I turn to the window and stare.

This thunderstorm should help. Then again, its nothing more than a bandaid.


I Miss

My old friend, Arsenius the Hermit. His blog has been off-line for a long time. I miss his wisdom, wit, and wise advice. I haven't heard from him since he shut down comments on his blog and I'm worried.

Arsenius was the last true mountain man east of the Mississippi River. He held a chunk of the North Georgia mountains securely under his spell. He was, and I'm sure still is, self-sufficient as is possible in today's world.

Arsenius, if you by chance still cruise the internet and read this post - please, drop me a line.

If you by chance make it back to Florida you know where to find me. The coffee is still hot.


Thanks & Welcome

To my new friend, little lotta. Welcome dear lady. As always I promise to answer all your comments. Your presence adds class and warmth to my little bit of the blog world.

To my other friends, please take a moment and walk over to Witness Relocation Program and say hello to my new friend. Her blog is funny and filled with great tidbits of her life and she's one heck of good cook. Check out her recipes for candy.  While you're there say hello to Stud and Lil' Stud.

Again, thank you and welcome, little lotta. You are now among friends.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Bet

At this very moment one of you poor souls, like me, has American Idol on their television. Every week, for the most part, I've had to listen to this mess in the background as I try to read or write. Sweet Wife loves it.

I must confess - it's nice to hear my wife sing along with the kids on the screen. She has a nice voice, and sings softly, all gentle and tender. It makes her happy. The least I can do is give her a couple of hours to free her mind from the ugliness of this world.

I wish it were as simple for me.

I hate the show.


Sausage Gravy and Biscuits, Man Food

As my long dear departed Grandfather was fond of saying, "Boy, I gots me a hankering for gravy and biscuits." Sausage gravy and biscuits is man food. It soothes the soul.

I know, I can hear you lovely ladies scream, 'but Stephen, your heart.' My heart is fine. Even the cardiologist said I should 'cheat' once in a blue moon. A diet of tree bark and thistles gets old.

My recipe is very close to the one found at Deep South Dish. This link will take you to this sweet woman's sausage gravy recipe. I've been making my sausage gravy from scratch for years. I have a freezer filled with fresh ground sausage and I will not allow it to waste away in a frozen state any longer.

On a rainy night this salty and creamy dish over hot fresh buttermilk biscuits makes my soul sing for joy. Sadly, Sweet Wife refuses to touch it....women. Little Bit, on the other hand, begs me to make a batch on those Sunday mornings when she's with us. I can hear her now, "Please, Papa. I want your good 'ole gravy and biscuits."

The girl has class.

If you need a buttermilk biscuit recipe, please try this one from my good friend, The Mouth of the South. This sweet young lady knows her stuff.

If you must, frozen biscuits will suffice. Just make sure you serve the dish hot.