Monday, August 22, 2011

Update and Little Bit's First Day of School & A Warm Thank You

Good Morning, My friends.  I beg you patience please. It's been a very long weekend and I'm behind in much of my work. I have plans for a much longer and picture heavy article for tomorrow, if I'm lucky, I should add.

My friends and I had a very successful road trip and work day this past weekend. Details to follow.

First allow me to give a warm welcome and thank you to the kind individuals that have recently joined my humble blog.
To Franklin Pierce, Flier389, Michael, and my friends, Arsenius the Hermit and Rev. Mayron, and any others I might have missed. Thank you all very much.
I again promise to answer all comments left on this blog, individually. It may take me a few hours, and in some rare cases, days, but I promise to reply.

This morning I had the honor of escorting my sweet Little Bit to her first day of school. When I arrived at her home there was much fear and tears. It took a while to settle her down. I simply went to my knees and held her and told her how pretty she was in her new uniform. Told her how special she was to all of us, how much she was loved.
Later in the truck she dried her tears, pulled down the visor mirror (as any female) and checked herself over, approved the result and we were off to breakfast.

When the school came into our view, "Papa, is that my school?"

"Yes, Honey, you know it's your school."

"Then hurry it up, Papa, I can't wait."

In the driveway drop off area, the principle opened my truck door and helped her exit. She was so excited she didn't even give me a kiss and hug; just dashed away....

Fine with me, I'm just happy for her. The tears and fear had long faded.

Have a great day and I'll see you later.