Thursday, May 17, 2012


Gray Day

I hear thunder. Our weather is overcast, gray. I like thunderstorms; it's odd how they gentle my mind.

I've just built another pot of coffee and am giving due consideration to a granola bar I've stashed for just this occasion.

Business is slow which doesn't help my awful depression.  I can't allow my thoughts to turn inwards. I need to stay busy. Black thoughts would lead to trouble and will not help with the situation. I know this, yet, it takes all my willpower and self-control to just wait, and wait, and wait.

At one point, this morning, my keys were in hand. At the last second I called Sweet Wife. She said, no. I obeyed.

I read a few chapters in my current book, rise and throw it down and pace. Its words hold little value for me. I turn to the window and stare.

This thunderstorm should help. Then again, its nothing more than a bandaid.


I Miss

My old friend, Arsenius the Hermit. His blog has been off-line for a long time. I miss his wisdom, wit, and wise advice. I haven't heard from him since he shut down comments on his blog and I'm worried.

Arsenius was the last true mountain man east of the Mississippi River. He held a chunk of the North Georgia mountains securely under his spell. He was, and I'm sure still is, self-sufficient as is possible in today's world.

Arsenius, if you by chance still cruise the internet and read this post - please, drop me a line.

If you by chance make it back to Florida you know where to find me. The coffee is still hot.


Thanks & Welcome

To my new friend, little lotta. Welcome dear lady. As always I promise to answer all your comments. Your presence adds class and warmth to my little bit of the blog world.

To my other friends, please take a moment and walk over to Witness Relocation Program and say hello to my new friend. Her blog is funny and filled with great tidbits of her life and she's one heck of good cook. Check out her recipes for candy.  While you're there say hello to Stud and Lil' Stud.

Again, thank you and welcome, little lotta. You are now among friends.