Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm Hungry

I want some of this, right now....

At present it isn't possible, but soon, oh so soon.

Please, suffer along with me.


Blog Of The Week

First allow me to say I haven't been a regular visitor to my blog pick of the week. We'll not dig into reasons why. Suffice it to say I've mended my ways, neglect.

I like well rounded blogs, not just those written solely for firearms. This blog fits the bill. Our blog this week is Rock In A Sea of Chaos, written by That Guy. His writing is clean and to the point.

As you know I've certain standards when it comes to my choice of blogs to post as the pick of the week. They must post on a very regular basis. Keep the cut and paste to a bare minimum. Write, for pete's sake. Well, I think our new friend meets these qualifications, and he writes well, loves firearms (okay, he's a bit of a Fudd but we'll not hold this against him, after all I've a deep love of the hunt too) and is a man's man.

I'll also overlook the fact my blog isn't listed on his sidebar...I mean, who among us is perfect.

Have I mentioned he's funny too. Please, click and read. I don't believe he's getting the attention he deserves.



Thanks & Welcome

To my new friends and followers, The Simple Woman and Vadavid. I promise to always reply to your comments, it might take me a few hours or days, but I shall reply.

To my long time friends, Simple Woman has a blog here, take a few seconds from your busy lives and run over and say hello. I know all my sweet lady friends will enjoy her work.

Again, thank you both for hitting my follower button.

You are now among friends. Each is listed on my sidebar, please visit them all.