Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm Hungry

I want some of this, right now....

At present it isn't possible, but soon, oh so soon.

Please, suffer along with me.



  1. I think I see red beans and rice in my future this evening.

  2. All you would need more would be hot coffee and cornbread.

  3. IT does look really tastey!!! what is it?

    my dear friend, i made a beautiful cheesy, chicken casserole with rice and veggies...we lost power after it had been in the oven for only 20 minutes!!! i hoped that by leaving it in the hot oven that it would cook but no go...we were sad! we got our power back a while ago and a new cheesy chicken casserole has been started.

    all is well that ends well!

    please share the recipe of whatever this is!

    your friend,

  4. Shepherd K, good for you..I do so enjoy a mess of red beans and rice. Thank you.

    Duke, I agree, love my cornbread, I do. Thanks, Bubba.

    John, agreed...thanks.

    Denise, it is, trust me. Thank you, Sweet Lady.

    kymber, it's gumbo. Visit Deep South for a tons of recipes dealing with this dish. It can be made many ways...mine is unique to my touch and taste. I begin with a dark roux and the trinity. It can be made with all seafood, I like shrimp. Crawfish works just as well. Enjoy.

  5. Looks wonderful. Up this away since we are a bit seafood poor we sometimes have a hybrid Jumbo and combine traditional gumbo ingredients with jambalaya ingredients. We also triple the meat on the recipe :)

    Good stuff and that pic looks wonderful.

  6. PioneerPreppy, it is good eats...and I like to experiment too. I do make a mean jambalaya, even if I must say so myself...triple meat works for me. Thanks.

  7. Man, Stephen, it's just getting to the temperature that I need to start making this kind of stuff. Kymber, it's definitely worth the time. I know you guys have lots of good seafood up there and this dish is a perfect combo with just about anything from the ocean.

  8. OK. Now I'm drooling. And I swear that I can smell it through the computer. Corn bread, biscuits, home made bread, I'll take it with what ever is served. And, a cold brew or two, also.

    And I don't care what kind of meat it has. Or, how much.

    LETS EAT!!!

  9. 45er, it's one of the reasons I love cold weather. I have this 'thing' about stews, soups, and gumbos.

    Flier389, I tell 'ya, Bubba, its so good it'll make 'ya want to slap your momma for feeding you so bad all those years...