Monday, September 9, 2013

The Bank and I

Spent an hour at my bank early this morning. Seems if I agree to make at least three online bill payments the Spanish owned holder of my funds will graciously forgive service charges on my business account.

The young banking nerd spent a few minutes with me and when I walked from the building I was an official computer qualified geek. His parting words were, "It's easy."

With a smile on my face I drive to the shop and spend the next two hours on my computer. Didn't work. I climbed on the phone and spent another half hour, or so, talking to a sweet young thing and she again walks me thru the process of logging into my business account. I disconnect from the phone and correctly caress the keys and am granted access to my account. Tried the bill pay feature.


Screw it. I like paper checks. Slap a bit of ink on 'em and they're ready to ride.

I've been told computers make our life easier. I'm waiting...