Friday, August 17, 2012

Bored To Tears

Not much to report. Sweet Wife is still in a great deal of pain. Seems she has a bad disc in her back.


Guy called a few minutes ago and asked if I'd like to purchase five, in his words, huge ammo cans. I asked how large and he replied, "I can stuff my dog in them and he'd have room to move around."

Interesting. I asked his price and told him I'd take five. If and when they arrive I'll take a picture and post it here.

Here's a file photo off Craigslist. I expect something like the one on the left...without the dog.

One cannot own too many ammo cans.


I'm bored to death. I need to get out and shoot....something. This weekend I'll be tied to the home front. I can't leave Sweet Wife alone. Guess I could load her into my truck and drive, but road bumps hurt her back. Perhaps she'd enjoy a ride in my wheelbarrow. I could wheel her down to the river and set out a few lines. Fish for dinner is always nice. Maybe prop her against a tree. She'd at least have a view. I'd be careful and spray her with insect repellent. I am, after all, thoughtful.

We've had some tremendous thunderstorms the last few nights. In bed, last evening, as our room was soaked with the silver flashes of lighting, she said, "I'm so glad we have a good roof." I chuckled. She has a point though, the sound of the hard rain makes one appreciate a tight roof.


My banana trees sure like the rain. This past weekend as I moseyed around the yard I noticed one, in the cluster of about eight, is at least twelve foot tall. Now, if we can escape a hard freeze this winter we should have a crop of little 'Lady Finger' bananas next year. It takes two years of freeze free weather to produce a crop of fruit.

 Between the squirrels and birds raiding my fig tree we didn't eat a single dadgum fig this year.  And people wonder why I collect squirrel tails....


Guess I should pull out my Kindle and read a book. Lord knows its loaded with some pretty good literature.
I still need to take down my copy of Unintended Consequences and once again read it for about the fifth time. John Ross did himself proud when he wrote that masterpiece. If you haven't read it, do so. Now the problem is if you can find a copy, say at, it'll cost you about a hundred and twenty dollars for a later edition. If you want a first, forget about it. A first edition will cost you over a thousand dollars. I keep my copy in an archival cover. I don't loan it....


Just stood and jerked another cup of coffee. Between customers I've been typing this mess for about three hours.

Billy just phoned and said he wants a shotgun. Asked for details. Said he didn't care just as long as it was a shotgun. He did mention he'd like a pump. Billy prefers private sale. With our current administration and congress we should all lean towards private deals. Leave no trail. Make your footprints light. Guess I'll keep an eye out for a closet queen with Billy in mind.

My Coleman Ebay baby arrived yesterday. Took it long enough. Seems the post office decided to keep it tucked away in their pile for two days. I drove over and grabbed it. She's a beauty. Original box and all....Now I believe I'll bid on a single burner Coleman model 502. One of the old ones. A 502 should fit inside my get home bag just fine. I also plan to rebuild and refurbish my old flood damaged Coleman two-burner. I've already ordered a NOS tank and other parts. I'll strip her down and repaint her. Should be a new and fun hobby. Never know, maybe one day I'll open an Ebay store.


Older gentleman just left. He's fine old guy. Came in and asked if I'd be interested in a large estate sale purchase of his firearm collection. I did a bit of double take...asked, "You said an estate sale. Are these your firearms or someone else you knew that passed away?"

"No, they're mine. I just want to sell them before I die and they end up in my kid's hands."

He then told me he had about ten firearms. One, he said, was a little .22 rifle that held at least fifty 'bullets' (his description) and a couple of small handguns. I can't wait to see this fifty-bullet rifle.



Hey, have a great day and be careful out there.