Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh, no

Okay, I still feel like death warmed over but I'll relate this:

I drive home tonight and as I make my turn into the driveway I see our garage door is open. I think, great, Sweet Wife is home. Normally she's the last through the door by a wide margin.

Then, as I get close enough to see inside the garage my heart drops. Her car isn't parked inside. The garage light is out. Not good.

I step out and quickly scan the garage. My range bag is still on the bench. The tools are where they should be, as is my tool box. The lawn mower is parked in its normal space. I pull my carry piece and open the door to the laundry room and walk into the house.

In our family room my old double barrel shotgun still sits atop the fireplace mantle. The widescreen and sound systems are in place. Quick as a cat I rush to check my gun too is fine and in place, unmolested. Then into our office - all is well. Still I clear the house, one can never be too careful.

When my stress level has lowered, and with a few deep breaths, it hits me. One of us had not properly lowered and locked the garage door, and it wasn't me...

Our home stood unlocked and unprotected all fricking day. Thank goodness our house is located in a quiet area far from the busy streets.

I haven't said a word to Sweet Wife. She doesn't need the stress nor guilt. We had a quiet dinner and now she's at church in bible study.

Tomorrow, I'll make sure I stay behind and lock the heart doesn't need this kind of workout.

Now, if you'll excuse me I need to sharpen a couple of my new (old) knives.

Take care.