Friday, September 6, 2013

My Morning

The Para P-12 sits disassembled on my desk. I've just given its bore a good scrub, oiled its parts and reached to replace the recoil spring and plug back into place when I slipped and released the spring. It flew across the room.

Out comes my flashlight. I find the recoil spring, no problem. Reach and place it back on my desk...spring plug, no where to be found. I search, and search. Paper bags are upturned and emptied. I move various junk and shine the Surefire into crevices that haven't seen light in decades. I even tapped my shirt pockets just to make sure the plug didn't recoil and slap me in the chest.

About two hours later I'm about ready to sling the handgun against the wall. Took a sip of coffee. Told myself to relax. Picked up the frame and out drops the recoil spring plug. Sigh.

Five minutes later she's reassembled and ready for action.

Thus as been my morning.

Think I'll take a walk.