Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My good friend, Duke will be off the air for a few days. He has a family emergency, a very bad one, for which I'll let Duke explain...but trust me, it'll make you grit you teeth in anger. It's bad folks.

He called me a few minutes ago and I'm still pissed.

Say a prayer, and please, arm yourselves before you answer a knock at your door.


It's The Little Things

We had fun last night. Little Bit dressed in her new princess dress, white shoes and socks and she, her Nana, Mom and Dad along with her little brother, Sport Model went out and played democrats...they applied for and received welfare candy.

Here she is, all dressed up and waiting for Dad and Mom. She waited at our house as I'd retrieved her from school. Papa stayed home in order to fill the democritters baskets. They're trucked into our neighborhood. Had one sixty year old democrat with a sprig of Christmas holly, tucked between her breast, come to the door. I gave her one small piece of candy, she looked at me as if I owed her more. I wore my gun too as Zombies were out and about....

Please forgive my poor photography.

Above, the face that melts my heart....

A very rare appearance, with his mother's permission, Little Bit's baby brother, Sport Model. My grandson just turned one year old. His eyes beg me to get him out of that silly lion suit.

Little Bit stayed up far too late last evening, and ate too much candy. This morning on our way to school she pulled my arm under her head and proceeded to fall asleep. Here's a shot taken in the predawn dim light, and again I'm sorry for the poor image...but look closely and you'll notice her face on my arm, her nose is pointed North.

I snapped this shot while driving, thus the blurry image. Poor Little Bit passed out within seconds.

She had a good night.


I Want

And, will more than likely, order...


Thank You & Welcome

I like to say hello, thank you and welcome to my new follower, Tom Stedham. I promise to always reply to your comments, personally. To my other friends, please, ride over and say hello to our new friend.

You are now among friends. Sit and stay a while. The coffee is always hot.