Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Fire

It's been cool with gusty winds all day. Sweet Wife requested I build our first fire of the year. As I'm probably the finest (chuckle) husband in the history of time I said, "Yes Dear."

Step by step...first, take match. I keep my 'strike anywhere' matches inside an old flatiron...

Then, strike match....simple, huh.

I do wish my Dingleberry cell phone's camera had a flash.

I know to those of you up in the arctic this seems silly, but remember, I live in the sub-tropics. When the temps dip below sixty we get downright cold...and besides, it makes the house smell great. Now, it's time for me to make char clothe...but, that's for a future post.


Thank You & Welcome

To my friend, keangnt, for becoming my ninety-sixth follower. keangnt was one of my fist followers several months ago and through no fault of his own lost his blog. It's nice to have him back.

Keangnt, when your blog is back up, give us a yell, and we'll be there.

You are now back among friends.


New Member In The Family

My good friend and yours, mmasse, has a new blog titled Nail Your Colours to the Mast.

Please, take a moment and run over and say hello.

Let's help get his new blog off to a good start. And, thank you...