Sunday, July 7, 2013

Silver Tease

Oh, kymber....

I know, I'm a bad boy.

Three ounces of pure beauty.


Just for kymber

I need to rename this dish Belly Popper. Kymber, my dear, here's the finished product. My chicken and dumplings.

Above. I've just placed the dumplings into the pot. This picture doesn't give justice to the dishes deep golden richness.

Now, the finished dish.

If anyone can eat more than three of my dumplings and still walk they're superhuman.

Not a bad two hours work. Now, about that recipe....I'll think about it. First I need to take a long walk.


I Promise

As soon as my body temperature returns to normal, and after I build a pot of chicken and dumplings, I'll write something of interest...or at least try with the good Lord's help.

The chicken dish should only take a couple of hours. I make mine from scratch.

I've been working in our yard all morning - felt good, other than the humidity and sweat soaked shirt. Still, it was nice to retake my domain from others, if you get my drift.

I'm also very ticked. For several hours last evening I tried in vain to replace the water hoses on our Maytag piece of crap washing machine. A job I've done with ease many times in my life. Seems these newer machines require the assistance of Maytag repairmen.

By the way, always and I mean, always replace those black rubber hoses with lifetime braided lines. Trust me on this....and, never purchase a Maytag. Pieces of junk.