Friday, March 1, 2013

Bits & Pieces

I still haven't eaten breakfast and here it is near noon. My morning has been spent deep into first of the month accounts, ink to checks. I've just returned from a dash to the bank. I gave over a wad of cash to cover all those slips of paper now under stamps. At least, by the grace of God, I have digital funds still to my credit. Safe in the black.

If the day arrives when the accounts show red, I'm out of here. As it stands Sweet Wife wants me to retire, in her words, right now. Not gonna happen.

After I left the bank I drove a gentle pace back and noticed a new pawn shop has established itself very near my business. I came (picture my fingers) this close to a visit. I'm fully aware of my weakness for silver and firearms and I knew if I stepped inside I'd walk out light of wallet.


Don't you just hate it when you pull a fresh cup of coffee and a customer rings the doorbell and you set you nice hot cup aside to chat and forget it and (run on sentence under development) then reach back for the nice hot cup of coffee and take a big gulp and its as cold as a Chicago hooker's butt in January. Well, don't 'ya....


I mentioned somewhere above I have a weakness for silver. Please allow me to rephrase. I like tangible investments.

Just before the onset of this depression (refer to as you will) I pulled clear of the stock market and ran hard towards precious metals and other practical investments. I buy on the dips and we've had a dip in silver for the last few days. When silver closes below thirty dollars, I'm in like flint.

I have a reputation in this area as a fella willing to hand over cash for tangible investments, those in the form of firearms, silver. I rarely if ever see gold walk into the shop. But silver, yes indeed. Much of it in the form of  ninety percent pre-1964 coin, or 'junk' silver as its known in the trade. I like it.

I also like silver rounds. Bars are fine too, I just prefer the rounds. Especially Engelhard Prospector one ounce rounds. Just my other reason, silver is silver after all.

Ordered a few last evening as Sweet Wife napped.

Engelhard has ceased the production of The American Prospector which tickles my fancy....I enjoy the hunt.

Just an FYI.


Hey, I really need to get back to work. Take care.