Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Sunny and warm here. Should hit the mid-eighties today. Awful, awful weather. I want rain and thunderstorms with a bit of lightning thrown in for good measure. I like storms.

We had both grandchildren last evening. Their parents wanted a night out - movie and dinner. Five minutes after she arrived Little Bit wanted to play Monopoly. All of a sudden she's in love with the game. Its a wonderful game as it teaches children the value of money (like the valueless fiat currency we all know and hate and use each day) and taxes.

The first time she was hit with the luxury tax it was fun and just part of the game. The second time she didn't like it at all because she was saving money to out maneuver Papa for one of the four railroads. She catches on quickly. The third time she was hit with a tax she picked up her game piece and slung it across the room and yelled, "It isn't fair, Papa."

Ah, the birth of another capitalist.

Later, after she fell asleep, Sweet Wife said she wasn't sure it was good for me to mold this little girl in my image - or words to that affect. I asked why. Because, she said, our country has changed and she'll need to fit or blend in with all the other Socialist. (In jest, of course.) She's afraid Little Bit will be ostracized. Sweet Wife continued, think about it for a moment. How many other little girls own their own rifles, spend time searching the pavements for lost coins and then save them for later investment in gold and silver. How many other little girls understand the basic concepts of mortgages and property management and taxes at seven years of age. How many other little girls refer to none conservatives as 'democritters.'

Not many I replied, with a smile.

Little Bit was able to spend the night. After she fell asleep I gently picked her up and carried her to bed. Just as I laid her down she reached and touched my face and mumbled, "You're my best buddy, Papa."
I held her for the rest of the night. She's my best buddy, too.

Let's change the subject.

Gold is in a dip today. Hint, hint. Don't think of it as spending your fed notes. Think of it as exchanging worthless currency for real money, value. Gold and silver, my friends, will always be 'worth' something. Those pieces of fiat currency lose value daily.

Just a word to the wise.

Now, I've a novel to finish. See you later.