Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help Me, New Friend

I'm the kind of man, and blogger, with a big hang-up when it comes to manners. I like to give thanks when required and often when it isn't. I truly appreciate it when someone takes the time and effort to hit my follower button. Having said that, I had a nice person become my 96th follower today. Unfortunately, either due to a blogger mistake (which is likely) your name escapes me.

Please leave a comment so that I can thank and welcome you properly....otherwise I'll feel bad each time I see the number '96.'

And, it'll haunt me forever.


Food Stores

Just for the fun of it. I really like this guy. He tries, but bless him, he has a long way to go before he's even close.



If you'd like to read the 'novel,' Absolved by Mike Vanderboegh that was recently front page news, click here.

I'll not give out the details of the news, you should know by now. I do recommend the story. But please, take it with a grain of salt....

I mean, after all, you're an adult. If you feel the need to take up arms against the government, leave me out of it. I have enough problems as it is...


Gold Fever

Only have a couple of minutes so this will be short and sweet. One of my customers, a really nice guy we'll call Bob, owns a coin and stamp business just around the corner from my shop. We've conducted a few deals over the years to both our benefits. We're much alike in that he's very independent and not overly friendly with the government.

Unlike me though, his business can take in many hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, all within a room not much bigger than my office; gold you know....

He walks in yesterday and looks like death warmed over...pale. He'd lost weight. Asked what 'da heck was wrong with him.

Said, "Stephen, all my net worth is tied to the spot price of gold. Every nickel I own is on the line."

Me - blink, blink.

Then, I said, "Sell."

Without a moments hesitation he replied, "Are you crazy, and miss the top of the market."

Hey, what do I know...