Thursday, November 3, 2011


If you'd like to read the 'novel,' Absolved by Mike Vanderboegh that was recently front page news, click here.

I'll not give out the details of the news, you should know by now. I do recommend the story. But please, take it with a grain of salt....

I mean, after all, you're an adult. If you feel the need to take up arms against the government, leave me out of it. I have enough problems as it is...



  1. I find it hard to believe a bunch of old gentleman just up and decided to distribute toxic chemicals. The real story has not been told.

  2. Thanks for the link Stephen. I would like to check it out.

  3. mmasse it sounds way off and doesn't pass the smell test.

  4. i'm with mmasse - this is not the real story and we may never find out the details.

    as for MVB, i have been reading Sipsey ( for years - he has some great stuff. i personally think he is better than Rawles - hope i don't p*ss anyone off saying that.

    and David Codrea has had many chapters of Absolved available here for like forever:

    David is another of my faves.

    thanks Stephen.
    your friend,

  5. mmasse, me too.

    PISSED, you're pleasure.

    Matt, those 'ole boys were set up.

    kymber, like you I've been a fan of David and Sipsy Street since the beginning...I read the 'book' chapter by chapter as it was written. I sincerely hope new readers don't believe the application, as set forth in the novel. is possible. Fantasy makes for fine escapist daydreams. The taking of human life, even for ones sworn beliefs, is far from the average persons ability and isn't for the squeamish. It's the stuff from which nightmares are created, forever. I wonder if the fools that take this stuff serious have ever taken a moment to ask themselves why older combat veterans resist attempts at rehashing their experiences of the battlefield.
    Thanks for the comment.

  6. Kimber; I like Sipsey and Rawles for different reasons. Sipsey is more investigative and Rawles in more informative. Occasionally they cross domains but the do different things better. Its hard to judge one above another but that's just me.

  7. Stephen - that's how i read the book too. i thoroughly enjoyed it as any other good fiction. and i agree 100% in regards to the taking of human life - most have no idea how difficult it is and the grief and pain and nightmares that you will be left with, whether it is on the battlefield and more so if you were defending yourself or someone you loved.

    thanks Stephen!

    mmasse - i like Rawles as's just that i prefer MVB's writing style and approach. Rawles' site is very informative but most of the best stuff is written by other people. and i really don't like the layout of his site. but of course, stop by every day for my daily read.

    thanks mmasse!

  8. This may ramble a bit, so sorry if it does.

    I read Rawles daily. What annoys me the most is this constant contest that never ends. Oh yeah, other blogs do it also. (I usually go for the economy articles at the end of the post.)

    Even more so, about 75% of the articles are soooo predictable and repetitive. Beans, bullets, band-aids. There are a few articles that have different content but not that many.

    What gets me the most is some of the "christian" pandering that goes on there. Most apparently have never read his views on salvation. Rawles is a Calvinist (look it up if you don't know what it is and want to know) more.

    He has pretty much condemned most of his readership to hell and yet you see quite a few writers tossing out Bible verses as though it might help them win the "survival item" of that particular contest.

    And for his part he panders to this bunch, that his beliefs have already condemned, in an effort to make money, which I find slightly distasteful.

    OK that being said, allow me say this before anyone gets the wrong impression.

    I did not condemn Rawles religious beliefs, if you think I did read the above again. In this day and age I applaud, on a general level, any Christian belief system that promotes people acting in a way that generally promotes the "Golden Rule" It sure beats the muslim system of belief.

  9. Matt, I'll keep this simple too....I agree. Well said. Oh, that contest stuff...makes it easy for a 'blog owner' from the constant need to produce and write articles.

  10. Matt - i'm with Stephen and will keep it simple too - agreed! also agree with what Stephen said.

    i kinda' like you guys!