Saturday, February 15, 2014

For the Urban Survival Cook

Everyone of you should own one of these little beauties along with a couple of gallons of fuel. Especially those of you tucked away in a city apartment. YouTube is your friend for instructions.

This little beauty is a Coleman 502 single burner cook stove, dated 1962, and is in almost new condition.

Take a chance and bid here.

 I speak from experience. You never know when the zombies will attack.


Oh, Baby

This will happen.

Even at this late hour I have the inclination to build a plate of these goodies.

If your sweet tooth throbs, click here.



Michael Dunn

He never stood a chance of a fair trial. Dunn is an idiot and there isn't a doubt in my mind his anger overrode any common sense benefited by birth. On this we can all agree - but he was tried and found guilty by the media long before he faced a jury.

If you are Caucasian and find yourself in a difficult situation where you feel you must defend your life and the person before you is African-American....well, God bless you, because you will be guilty before you pull the trigger.

I understand the local news media has warned us citizens of possible riots. Excuse me while I check my firearms.

Sorry, this is written in haste, excuse any errors. 


Second Thoughts

A text arrived today from a man with a request to purchase one of my restored Coleman camp stoves. One of three or four I finished last summer. My favorite, the big two burner model 413G - she was manufactured in 1971. A year which found my sore feet and rear bumping down a trail in Africa where Coleman camp stoves were an everyday essential.  

This is tough.

(Standard stock photo off  Bing, not my stove.)

I'm befuddled as to why I have second thoughts. It needs a new home. The price listed is ridiculous when I consider the hours involved, all the tedious busted knuckle days of labor put into her rebirth. But still, this doesn't explain my reluctance. Heck, I've two other of her kind on standby, and have plans to begin their restorations very soon. (The humidity must be perfect and my garage door open. Not yet.)

If the gentleman keeps his appointment I will wave her out the door. It'll be sad though.

Or not.


(Update - she's gone. Sniff.)

Too Early, blah

It's just too early. Turn over and sleep...

The world will wait.