Sunday, April 21, 2013

Good Morning

I'm very sorry for my absence. It hasn't been an easy week.

Our weather has been unsettled with rain and windy conditions. Perfect for a book and coffee but awful for business and yard work. I suppose I shall break down and hire a truck load of democrats and have them take on the job of my long neglected yard. I just haven't the time.

The mother in law has retreated. She arrived home safe and sound and reported she had a wonderful time and her care was graded as, adequate. She also informed Sweet Wife she'd miss my meals. I smiled.

During her stay she recruited my wife as tour guide on her hunt for a new home. Early yesterday the two ladies descended a series of concrete steps. Sweet Wife, ever attentive to her elderly mother's needs, took her hand as they descended the steps. In the process Sweet Wife forget her own safety and fell. She landed hard.

Later, after I arrived home I remarked it looked as if she'd gone three rounds with Floyd Patterson. My lovely wife had scrapes, bruises, and cuts. Unfortunately when she fell she landed on her bad shoulder and arm. Six weeks of physical therapy out the window. She's fine, just sore.


How, pray tell, do those very beautiful Fox ladies hold their legs in the crossed position for hours on end.


Last evening in the quiet I read. I'm an easy man to please. Give me a good book and either a hot cup of fresh coffee or tea and the satisfaction of my life is complete.

Late, she steps into the family room and said, "Bed time." I turned the music off and afterwards, in the dark, the book came back to haunt me. I adjusted my pillow and eased to my side and flipped the switch of my bedside light. I took my reading glasses and once again lost myself in words of a past age.

I read far into the morning. At some point she rolled over, moaned, then flipped her beautiful green eyes my way..."Is it that good?"

"Yes," I said.

Another gentle moan, "You're hopeless."

"True, but you love me in spite of it."

"Yes, but much less so if you don't turn off that light."

I complied.



Thanks and Welcome

To my two new friends, Woody and Ronnie Jay. Gentlemen, I promise to always reply to your comments. It sometimes takes me a few hours, even days, but count on it, I will answer.

Again, thank you and welcome.