Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekend Gumbo

I've got hankering for some old fashioned Gumbo. Think I'll use this sweet lady's recipe, When you reach her page just scroll down until you find her 'Granddaddy's Seafood Gumbo.'

It should look something like the above picture and taste even better.The picture is from Deep South Dish.

I've had Little Bit here at my business for most of the day. Her mom's at the dentist and asked me to 'baby sit.'  Lucky me. Don't tell anyone, really, but we watched a Disney movie using Netflex on my computer. I'm serious, don't tell. If word gets out I might be required to hand in my Dude Membership.

Have a nice evening and I'll see you good folks tomorrow.


Google Account

The short of it is, it's easy.  It only requires a user name and's free. It just gives us blog writers a sense of well being knowing we're writing for you special people that take precious time from your busy lives to read our work. Puffs me up, too.


Picture posted just because I like it. Pickled eggs make me smile...and with the handgun, well, what's not to like. I came across the picture on the AR-15 website and would give due credit to its owner if only I knew his or her name. Thanks anyway unknown nice person.