Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Dirty Glock

People ask why I like Glock handguns. See for yourself.

Any questions.


One Year

Today, one year ago, I wrote my first words on this humble blog. Hard to believe. This blog was and is intended as a chronicle for my grandchild. It's been a fair success.

As of today the blog has one hundred and seventy-six followers and over one hundred sixty-five thousand hits. Not bad for a one year.

And, its all because of you, my kind and generous readers.

Thank you.


Good Morning

The coffee is strong and hot and the jazz is smooth and the day is beautiful and bright. What more could a fella ask of the world.

Our meeting with the attorney was long, and I must confess, confusing. As soon as we were seated she made it clear our objectives might not work as planned. She didn't want to paint a pretty picture when the outcome of the case was so uncertain. Family law is complicated. The attorney did say in most cases the State prefers 'co-parenting,' but the complication of Birth Mother's absence of four years isn't good. She files today. Tell you one thing for sure and two for certain, she isn't cheap.

I expect a visit from my lovely friend, DFW, this morning. She's stalked and found my shop, which isn't hard since her nice husband owns a business just down the road from mine. I look forward to her visit and have taken the precaution of washing a coffee cup for her. I make Duke wash his own coffee mug. By the way you guys should head over to both their blogs and tell 'em I said hello.

Business calls. See you guys down the road.