Sunday, May 18, 2014

Andy's Advice

She asked, "Did you bet?" I flipped a spoon into the sink, turned and said, "I'm chicken. I'm a tenderfoot. I need to study, read. Para-mutual betting and the horse races befuddled my tiny brain."

But, you know what...Andy Capp, the old clothe capped cartoon character, had a point....if you don't bet on a horse you'll never win. So, instead I bet on paper, all pretend and chicken like...and won the Preakness. On paper.

She said, "See."

She attended church this Sunday, as is her way. Her mornings are filled with energy and zest. The late day, not so much but she still holds a smile, all grace and dignity. She's much improved after a second and very late night visit to the ER. I hate the place. Two hours into the visit I made an escape and walked outside to find a democritter peeing on our car, the left front wheel. Serious. I didn't give him a chance to zip. Just its kind sits behind the desk in the White House.


Our weather is soft and warm. If she allows I will leave my current post at this laptop and spend the rest of the day with rake and hoe and shovel, and dig in the sunlight. The sea breeze should make an appearance soon and it will make for a plesant afternoon of work. I have a fig tree that begs for a permanent home and I believe I've found a perfect spot. I plant figs for the squirrels and birds...all I ask in return is they leave me one or two juicy bites.


I must apologize, to you, my kind friends, for my lack of visits and comments on each of your blogs. I will try and rectify my lack of attention and focus. Now, if you'll excuse me I think I'll walk outside and dig a can of worms....I understand armadillos love 'em and I need to practice my shooting skills.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thoughts, like Vapor

As soon as my muse and gas like brain return to normal I'll try and set a normal pace for this blog. With her sick and in pain our lives have flipped to the erratic side of life.

As an example yesterday I sat in a local emergency room from zero five hundred until thirteen hundred....with a batch of drunks, druggies, loonies, and democritters.

She's fine. Scheduled for procedures in early June.  Hopefully by then the white shirts will have a diagnosis.

You will now understand my thought process, bad in the best of times, is now fleeting with occasional puffs of vapor.

Please know I have read and do appreciate all of your kind and thoughtful comments and prayers. I have gone days when this computer (or any computer) hasn't crossed my mind. Books, newspapers, and the Kindle have been my chosen escape. I will make every effort, soon I hope, to answer all comments.

Don't worry. With proper medication my Sweet Wife is functional, and at times, very happy. She continually tells me to have faith. She's stays quite busy with her flower beds. I did indeed sneak a few herbs into the mix. She welds the water can with aplomb.

In the  meantime I've decided to study the Daily Racing Form and take a ride on the ponies....busy mind and all that...

Again, thank you.



Thursday, May 1, 2014

Idle Fingers

Recently I became the new owner of a stash of older Crown Royal bags, sans cords. The old fella said he didn't want the bags, six or seven of 'em and I was welcome to take the warm and fuzzy sacks home. Okay, I said, and thanked him.

I've owned a few over the years. The bags are very handy for precious metals, ammo, small radios and as I've recently discovered, a fine storage container for my binoculars. So, last night I took the blue bags and a roll of 550 cord and sat back with shears and made pull cords. Tedious work. I enjoyed the experience. Just wish I'd taken pictures.

Anyway, nice work for idle fingers, so much so I dug out three very old sets of BDU woodland camo trousers. Very old trousers...willing to bet their older than a few of my readers. One or two pair had lost buttons, or torn knees, rips here and there. I dug out needle and thread and an old block of bee's wax and pretty soon the thimble clicked. Soothing work.

Wish I could find my old military issued sewing kit. Remember? A small folded piece of green canvas with flaps, basic stuff. A needle or two with bits of olive green thread...mine is lost to time.

Any man that lacks the skill to repair his clothing isn't worth his weight in salt.

 Gotta run. Accounts await my attention.

Hey, be careful out there.