Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Question Answered, and Thanks

To my new friend and follower, Jane Lemm. I promise, dear lady, to always reply to your comments. When life has taken a bite from my ankle it will sometimes take me a few hours, but trust me, I will keep my promise. If I fail, call me on it.

Now allow me to change the subject. Of recent I've had a very nice reader email me several times with the question, 'Why don't you post a picture of yourself?' Why indeed. Well, I like my privacy. I live and work in a very large city. I own a small business, and as is the case, after thirty-one years, I'm known by hundreds of thousands, really. Need I explain further....

Heck, I can't use the porta-pottie at the state fair without bumping into someone I know. Talk about your tight fit.

As an example, a few months back my wife and I took our granddaughter to dinner. Our waitress, a stranger to us, recognized my Little Bit from pictures I posted of her on this blog. My butt is still sore from the chewing it received from my wife. Then I posted a picture of my dear wife, a day or so ago, and again - sever butt kick.

But, hey, I try to please. Say hello to my well kicked rearend.

Again, Jane, thank you and welcome. You are now among friends.