Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Wee Hours

Sleep wasn't in the cards for me last night, nor this morning. Strange how that works. I climbed from my nice warm bed and roamed the house, skimmed the interwebs, drank milk. Didn't help. So I went out to the garage and begin to sort ammunition.

I have one corner of our garage dedicated to old and fairly new ammo cans, not quite as large a pile as in years past. I've relocated quite a bit of it...for obvious reasons. Over time my home stash had spread out and had become a pain in my path. I began to sort and clean and re-stack. The owls kept me company, their hoots soothing, as I worked. It was peaceful. 

During my labors of organizing this disarray imagine my surprise when I come upon a cardboard box filled with over a thousand rounds of 5.56. A wonderful gift of treasure I'd completely forgotten. I stood there like a statue for several seconds, and could not for the life of me remember when and how I'd acquired this unexpected extra thousand or so rounds.

Then, I find a plastic bag and pulled it from the stack and find inside about fifteen boxes of defense shotgun loads...double and single ought buckshot. I'd forgotten it, and again, have no idea how I acquired it. Thank goodness I had a couple of empty ammo cans.

I lost sleep but at least I'm richer for the experience.

Have a great day. Think I'll make another pot of coffee.