Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gunsmoke Worthy

Once, many moons ago, Little Bit came to me and stood with big brown eyes, all serious. "Papa," she asked, "Am I Gunsmoke worthy?"

After assurance she smiled and climbed into my lap. Afterwards, when she visited, and if Gunsmoke was scheduled, we'd share the program as one. It was our little thing. To be granted status as Gunsmoke worthy meant one was qualified to watch Papa's favorite show and knew silence was the rule. And, one never, ever, tried to watch any other program when Gunsmoke was aired. Never.

Sweet Wife has lost her Gunsmoke worthy status.

Blame it on Hallmark. Believe it or not.

If you work for Hallmark you're on my list.



We have gray skies and it's cool and the rain falls hard. Now, it feels like December. I enjoy the soothing sound of rain.

I've less than two weeks to increase the bottom line of my business so please excuse me if my notes are less than frequent.

Time for another cup of coffee. Join me, why don't you.