Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bits & Pieces

My friend, Duke, has written a very thought provoking piece this morning. Sally forth and read, then get your skinny butts back here. We Are Headed, part one.


Worked my tail off yesterday. I hit the lawn at 0900 and afterwards, as I dripped sweat, showered and changed and began to run errands. When night fell I was one tired puppy. Then, I cooked dinner. It's nice to be back at 'work.'


Guy walks into my shop this morning and hands me a coin. Its a 100 Italian lira minted in 1965. Said, "Here 'ya go, Stephen. I know you have a thing about silver."

I smiled and said, "Thanks." And, I meant it. Nice guy.

"What 'ya think about it?" I'm pretending to give the coin close scrutiny. "Its great, Bubba, but it isn't silver."

His smile slowly fades.  Then, "What the hell do you mean, its not silver."

"Bubba, I'm sorry. Its a fine gift and I deeply appreciate the thought but it isn't silver. Now, if it were a 500 lira coin then it indeed would contain ninety percent silver."

"Well, kiss my butt. You sure."

I smiled and said, "Yes."

He reached and took back the coin, flipped it a couple of times, then took a long hard look at it. "Then tell me, Mister Know-it-all, what's it made of?"

I placed my magazine on the counter and said, "Stainless Steel."

He gently put the coin back into my hand and turned and walked over and took a seat. Then, "Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. I didn't even know they made stainless steel back in those days."



I've had to make a few changes to my linked blogs. If you'll take a moment and glace at my right sidebar under 'My Blog List' you'll notice I've had to delete a few old friends. Two or three just quit blogging. One went private and since I wasn't invited to read their blog I ditched it. One or two hadn't written in over five months, so sadly, they too are gone.

I did find a couple of old friends that had switched from Blogger to WordPress, they've been updated with new links.

This isn't personal. If you feel I've mistakenly removed your blog from my list, drop me a line and I'll make corrections.


Hey, when you have the time today drop by my friend, That Guy's, blog and give him a read. He's a nice man.  Spread the kindness.


Just for Little Bit.
I miss you, Sweetheart. It's been one month and three weeks since I've held you in my arms. I pray for you every day. Be at peace.


Hey, duty calls. It's once again time for me to be an evil Capitalist and make a few dollars. My coffee maker needs to be cleaned too....

Until then.