Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Storage Container

If, like me, you foresee the day when a rifle storage container is a necessary item then you should take a look, here.

It's the U.S. Military PA117 in olive drab. Rigid and and tough, waterproof.

Just a word to the wise.


Dull Tuesday

Not much new to report. I was very busy yesterday and didn't get a chance to blog...sorry. Ran Birth Mother all over town in hopes she'd find a job. Then I had a doctor's appointment and then back home where I passed out. The evening prior I had another one of those no sleep nights. Doctor did give me a new prescription for the problem. Hope it works.

Boring stuff.

The dude with the Detonics Pocket Nine did come back and I purchased the little booger. She's a pretty and hefty little handgun. Stainless steel. Very nice shape. I'll wring her out this coming weekend.

No rain, in my area, yesterday. Lot's of thunder but zero water. Today I'm sure the rains will return but at least we had one day to dry out.

Time for work. See you nice folks later.