Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Please, kill me now...

I've been subjected to over an hour of awful television. My sweet wife is watching some program by the title of 'Xfactor.' I'm making a hard attempt on my reading list but this stuff is driving me nuts...she will not watch this junk in the bedroom. Bless her heart. She loves it.

Thank God it's about done. Otherwise I might just need to eat the big one.



Another view on how prepared we are as a nation.

We all have opinions on our state of preparedness so only you can judge your readiness. For the most part, you're not. As a nation, forget about it. Just my two cents.


Very True

My friend Duke has written a great post about his thoughts on TEOTWAWKI. Since we're personal friends we've spoken many times over the years about this issue and agree completely. If you're praying for the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) reconsider. It will not be pretty.

Get thee forth and read.


Bits & Pieces

A storm system has moved into our area overnight. Forecasters said we'd get awful amounts of rain. Sprinkled some.

My catalog from Major Surplus arrived yesterday. Along with the standard offerings, which to me at least, are just filler for the pages I notice they still have their listing for Czech small rucksacks. They list for $14.95 per 4 pack.
This is a good deal. Over this last year I've ordered two sets, back when they came in a five pack. They make great get home bags for your vehicles. One became the carry bag for my Critter Getter (a Kel-Tec Sub2000 folding weapon system) and several spare loaded magazines. Grab a few while they're still offered.

If you need an Alice Pack they have them cheap, too. Noticed survival bracelets are cheaper than dirt now. Everybody and their uncle make them; kinda of a fad I guess. Anyhow, they're selling for less than thirteen bucks per three. Snap models.

I've read Rawles new novel, Survivors. Not as good as Patriots, but worth the time. Skip the chapter on the love affair in South America....very little relevance to the story line. Just my humble opinion.

Yesterday, as usual, I took Little Bit to school. After dropping her off I headed towards home and along the way thought to fill my gas tank. I paid $3.35 per gallon. A few hours later I was asked if I'd be willing to pick her up after school. Duh.
A seven hour lapse in time....driving home passed same fuel dump. Prices had increased ten cents per gallon and today have risen further. Good reason to keep your tank full. Dollar cost average.

Hey, gotta run. Customers have arrived and I need to jerk a cup of coffee and eat. Skipped breakfast and lunch. Not good.


Thank You & Welcome

To BK who took the time to hit my follower button. BK, I shall always reply to your comments as soon as humanly possible. If I miss one of your comments please bring it to my attention.

You are now among friends.

To the rest of my friends out there, please give me a wee bit of time you know Tuesday's are very busy for me and after a long hard weekend I've much to do this morning.

Again, BK, thanks and welcome.