Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Please, kill me now...

I've been subjected to over an hour of awful television. My sweet wife is watching some program by the title of 'Xfactor.' I'm making a hard attempt on my reading list but this stuff is driving me nuts...she will not watch this junk in the bedroom. Bless her heart. She loves it.

Thank God it's about done. Otherwise I might just need to eat the big one.



  1. all i can think is better you than me - sorry buddy! but since getting to the Manor we have not had television and are loving every minute of it!

    instead of television we have about 30 movies that we re-watch (only watch movies 2-3 nights a week), read, spend time on the internet, or just sit and talk. bu that's when we are not at darts, bingo, fire hall meetings, suppers, dances - you name it. most evenings it's just nice to sit and talk after attending all of those things. but i am not whining - we love being this involved in our community!

    so i will rely on you to tell me what xfactor is, what it's about and why it is driving you so crazy!

    your friend,

  2. Xfactor is like American Idol. I feel your pain, my wife likes dancing with the stars. Thank god we have another TV and the boys and I watch NCIS and NCIS LA. Our TV is on all day but half to 3/4 of the time I am online with my blog reading blogs or my true love airlines and aviation.

  3. If you think that's bad, the wife makes me watch "Real Housewifes of NJ"

  4. TG not us. Not one episode of real life Barbies.

  5. May I suggest she wear head phones? My son-in-law uses them and it has helped keep peace.

  6. kymber, thanks, it must be nice all that silence.

    Rob, what is it with women and all these weird shows...thanks.

    Mudbug, sorry dude...

    Warlock Sundance, thank you, it hurts. Hey, hit that follower button for me please...

    dannie, good idea...we don't fight but the silence is worth the effort...stick around a while, nice to have you.

  7. Don't worry Stephen it's only on several times per week.