Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thanks & Welcome

To my new friend, fatal error. I promise to always reply to your comments. It might take me a few hours or even days in rare cases, but fear not I shall reply.

The light of your wisdom is always welcomed here. You are now among friends.

Again, thank you and welcome.


It's Early

Very early and I've turned the sign to open on my business door as the sun barely peeks from the clouds. I'm not joking when I say business is good prior to Christmas.

I wanted to post last evening but I had a dinner with my group. We all took over the local Cracker Barrel and made the place safe for normal people. It was nice. I have been privileged to have such good friends. It was necessary for me to leave a bit early and return home as Sweet Wife and Little Bit were making preps to leave early this morning for an out of state visit. My job was to check Sweet Wife's vehicle tires, top her tank, and load gifts for their journey.

Now, I'll sweat until their return, after all, two of the people I love most in this world are on the roads. Rest assured there are two GOB's and protection loaded within that Accura MDX. Still, I'll worry.

Sweet Wife and Little Bit baked for two days, solid. Much of those baked goods are loaded. This morning I stole a half-dozen cookies for the shop. Don't tell on me.

Until later.