Monday, January 27, 2014

Don't Tinkle

Please don't tinkle in your panties if you notice my profile picture has changed. It has been suggested my old picture of the Gadsden Flag turns certain people off. Said those with weak constitutions might even fear me. Just goes to show most Americans have very little knowledge of their history.

So, if you check out your follower list and find my old Gadsden Flag missing do not cry...see the tiny picture of a man's back...that's me. I'm 'pulling a Brigid....'

('Pulling a Brigid' is now copyrighted.)

Wish I'd fixed my shirt before she took this picture.

Anyway, there you have it.


Chicken Fried Rice

I think this will be tomorrows dinner.

Recipe, here. Wouldn't mind adding that Le Creuset pan to my collection too.


Monday, and a Tale of a Critter

I hate Monday....I mean truly hate it. Today, Monday, is my day off yet here I am at work. Even the weather sucks. Its sunny and hot, close to fifty-seven degrees.

I've had one customer, so I'm bored. My current read can't hold my interest, so I've taken out my carry piece and have it field stripped for a good clean and scrub. This morning I switched my carry from the Para .45 to a Glock 27 in .40 with its small of the back Galco. I'm weird this way...but I believe it a good practice to switch out your carry pieces now and again if for nothing else to familiarize yourself with all your safe-queens.

My hands smell of Break Free. Keyboard is sticky. Rambling, aren't I.

Just finished a long conversation with an old friend of mine. He's a retired Birmingham homicide detective. Nice fella, older at seventy-six with a head of pure white hair. Not in bad shape for a senior citizen and makes for a fine back-up in sticky situations. I've proof of his grit.

Last September he was here in the shop along with another friend of mine, Pirate Jim, when a critter (democrat) stuck his head in my door demanding cash. Long story short, within seconds the critter had three handguns pointed at his nose, and I, in a very loud voice, suggested he (the critter) should leave my property if he wanted to live. (I make light of the situation now, but trust me, at the time it was kinda intense.) Now, here's the funny part. After we drew our weapons, all in condition one, and had clear fire on said critter, the critter looked me straight in the face and said, "Well, ya'll be gots guns, huh. Well, mothafuck*rs, so do I."

The critter then proceeds to lift his shirt tail and takes a black semi-auto democritter brand piece from his pants. The handgun had been wrapped with black electrical tape. Extended magazine stuck out of the grip. I, as calm as possible, suggested if he lifted or moved the firearm, I'd kill him dead right there....I meant it.

Then, and I swear to our Lord, the idiot said, "Hey, motherfuck*r, mine be loaded."

Really, he said that....

The critter's eyes were jittery, so I suppose he was as high as a kite. Anyway, here this dumbass was with three handguns pointed at him; my old friend the retired cop with a fine vintage .38 wheel gun, and Pirate Jim with his little carry piece and me with a Beretta 92FS, and he still insisted I give him cash.

I had locked my vision on his hands and had my trigger finger firmly snug. In as loud of a voice as I could possibly generate told him in no uncertain terms if he moved his hands I'd shoot. The old cop gently waggled his piece, Pirate Jim the same....we were seconds from gunfire when I yelled, "Look around you, dumbass. (Paraphrasing here.) If you move you are dead."

The critter did take a moment to look around. He cut his eyes right and left then ever so slowly returned his gang piece back into his pants and stepped back. He reached to open the door. Just as his hand closed on the doorknob he decided he had to 'get back his respect,' and said, "Hey, motherfuck*r, you gots to be closed sometime tonight." I don't really remember what I replied but the old cop said I told him I'd be right here if he wanted to return. Whew....

Now I'm gonna be honest with you, my friends. I did not want to shoot the critter. As a matter of fact, like I've mentioned, I must have thanked the good Lord Jesus a hundred times on the drive home. I'm aware many of you would have fired. I understand. I had every legal right to put this man down but held fire. (I was later told by two U. S. marshals, friends and longtime customers of mine, I should have done them a favor and shot the sucker, but they understood why I held back. They also said if I'd of called the local police it would have been a waste of my time. I agreed on that point.)  They asked me for a description of the critter and I gave it over. Asked why and they said they'd find the sucker if it took 'em a year. I believe them. Dwayne and Mike are my kinda people. track. Anyway.

Try if possible to imagine the rest of my evening if I had indeed put the critter on the ground. My group was due any moment for our monthly meeting - can you picture a load of cops as they stroll into my business and find several armed men and a dead body taking space on my shop floor...yeah, neither can I.

If I'd indeed killed the critter, the police would have found a dead body covered in blood on my nice carpet, which instantly requires them confiscate my carry piece. Then we'd have television coverage (Oh, that would have been wonderful for business.) then, me, taken into custody for a question and answer session with a night in a holding cell. Yeah, right. Think Zimmerman.

I'd like to believe it was my age, compassion, and maturity (chuckle) that saved this young man's life. He was lucky. If he had moved his hand I would have fired. This morning my old cop friend said he was surprised I didn't drop the man. Then, he said, "But Stephen, you did the right thing."

So please remember the unintended consequences the next time you find yourself about to pull the trigger on your firearm. Sure, I would have walked, after all we have Stand Your Ground here in Florida, but my actions would have haunted me for the rest of my life. Do protect yourself. Do take the shot if you feel your life is in danger....but take a moment (Trust me, a zillion thoughts will cross your mind as you pull your weapon.) and think about what happens one second after.

By the grace of God I've escaped three such encounters over the last few years. I'd like to think an angel rides my shoulder.

Take care.